Security Statement

nuMedia Security Statement

System and information security are a priority concern in all nuMedia technology deployments.  Each of our products and services, along with all custom architectures provide secured communication to and from hardened systems hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers worldwide.  The use of Azure as our cloud platform of choice provides state of the art hosting and management options while ensuring a standardized level of security across a worldwide collection of data centers.  The Azure cloud and it’s hosting facilities boast ISO and CSA STAR certification, underscoring the industry leading security our host platform provides.

In addition to state-of-the-art Azure cloud hosting facilities, nuMedia employs technology management best practices across all deployment components, whether hosted or CPE.  Our secure, highly available systems are monitored 24/7 and are accessible only by encrypted and obfuscated connections.  nuMedia’s Technical Management Group offers incident response times and service level agreements to fulfill even the most demanding availability requirements.  To provide the highest level of business continuity possible, we have options for customized backup and retention to provide mission focused recovery up to and including point-in-time recovery solutions.

In keeping with our security focus, all nuMedia solutions are developed with secure communication as a cornerstone requirement. Network transactions and system to system communication is encrypted at two separate points and 2048-bit (minimum) certificates are deployed at each data ingress point, API gateway and transaction server. Data collection of events and transaction are transmitted and stored in a proprietary manner designed to prevent reverse engineering in the extremely unlikely event of capture.

The nuMedia focus on secure solutions will continue with future development, management and server network advances.