Zombie Hologram for Halloween Fun

    by David Rose on Oct 30, 2015 11:25:00 AM

    Our PRSONAS holograms can take on any role. We've recreated company CEOs, sports stars, historical figures and animals. We've even morphed dinosaurs and a moose in a baseball uniform.





    But this is absolutely our first PRSONAS ZOMBIE Hologram--


    Don't try this at home--that is unless you're Chuck Rinker, PRSONAS Chief Technical Officer and the brains behind our super-smart, self-self service holograms. A technology guru and inventor whose resume runs from government Black Ops to popular games like Madden NFL Football, Chuck traditionally throws a pretty mean Halloween party.

    This year he topped himself, programming his own zombie hologram hostess to welcome and entertain guests last weekend.

    The jokes may be corny, but you have to admit she's very memorable.  Who says work can't be fun?

    Happy Halloween, all!

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