Why Your Office Space Matters

    by Nick Rockafellow on Mar 7, 2017 2:19:29 PM

    In recent years, companies have transformed their boring offices with horrible lighting and depressing cubicles into colorful environments with everything from open areas to nap pods. Thousands of articles highlight the companies who have been pioneering this transformation. While many see these offices as a necessity, some managers still wonder how their office space contributes to the company’s bottom line. Here are just a few reasons why an effective, engaging office layout matters.

    Streamlines Efficiency for Everyone

    Increase Office EfficiencyCompanies have started to boast about open office environments where their employees don’t sit in cubicles but near each other on tables. While this may be great for employees who need to interact, some employees who need isolation will be less productive. Your engineering team may like a quieter, darker area to concentrate, while your sales team may want a more relaxed environment where they can make phone calls and be relatively loud. If you design your office space to fit only one need, a lot of your team will become less productive. Luckily, there is an easy way to solve this problem. Talk with everyone in your company before making any decisions or changes. From the newest sales rep to the chief executive, everyone’s input will be valuable before investing in a new office design. Remember, your office layout should make everyone more efficient.

    First Impressions Matter

    Let’s take a hypothetical situation. Representatives from a technology company are visiting a marketing firm to determine if they want to go in a new direction. When the representatives enter the front door, they are greeted by an assistant who asks them to wait in the small lobby with old, creaky chairs. After a few minutes, the representatives are walked past a sea of small cubicles with ugly desk chairs, old computers, and cracked walls. The meeting room has an uneven table and a display system that isn’t working. What’s the first thing the marketing team says? “We understand new technology and what people want to use!”

    This may seem like an extreme situation, but it highlights a good point. Research has shown that it only takes seven seconds for a person to form a first impression. Don’t let a potential client’s first impression be of an out of touch company. 

    Helps Build Your Culture

    Corporate culture doesn’t change overnight. If you want your employees to be more collaborative, an email about the benefits of communication between coworkers may be a step in the right direction, but it won’t solve the problem. It takes a well thought out strategy and initiatives to implement a companywide cultural change. An effective office layout helps to foster this change. If you want your employees to collaborate more, then an open environment will be more effective than cubicles. If you want your employees to pay more attention in meetings, switching from a traditional conference room to a more engaging stadium like meeting area will boost retention. Your company’s office layout should empower your culture, not hold it back.

    Technology in Your Office Shouldn't Be Just Getting You By

    Interactive InteriorAreas for your team to thrive? Check. Great looking environment to make a good first impression? Check. Office layout that helps build your corporate culture? Check. The only thing left to do is make sure your technology isn’t holding you back. From project management systems to crm software, companies invest heavily into software solutions without thinking of transforming the physical office with technology. So how do we at nuMedia transform the physical environment with interactive technology? Simple, we create an Interactive Interior that both increases engagement and drives productivity. These Interactive Interiors offer more connectivity, more variety, and a lot more ways to customize the environments in which we work, play, and thrive.

    Yes, your office space matters! Your company may not be installing nap pods or a slide anytime soon, but there are always ways to improve upon your space. New technology or a few new open areas may be the difference between completing that important project on time or missing the critical deadline. 


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