Wayfinding Technology Gets Personal With Digital Hosts

    by Nick Rockafellow on May 23, 2018 12:00:00 PM

    "Ok, so you are going to take a left, then a right, another right, left again, jump over the river, under the bridge, and you should be able to find the right room."

    Confusing, right? Unfortunately, getting directions at a hospital can feel like this sometimes.

    Yes, information desks dot the halls and there are signs everywhere, but there are also dozens of different, isles, corridors, levels, and sometimes even multiple buildings. The entire layout can feel incredibly confusing and frustrating for someone hoping to comfort a loved one.

    So how do you alleviate this confusion?

    One way is by having your employees help lost visitors. That means in between administering medicine, checking on patients, writing orders, and performing operations, your nurses and doctors are now supposed to give directions.

    This plan may work for one or two visitors, but what happens when it becomes 10? 100? Or even 1000 a day?

    Your employees start to become increasingly less productive, and in a hospital, that can have serious consequences.

    Another solution to the problem is wayfinding technology. But not just any wayfinding technology.

    Interactive wayfinding technology complete with PRSONAS digital hosts.

    PRSONAS digital hosts go far beyond simply pointing a finger in the right direction. Our digital hosts create human user experiences that helps traditional wayfinding technology connect with the visitor.

    Strategically placed around your building, the digital host can converse, text, map, show videos, and sign for the Deaf Community.

    And yes, PRSONAS digital hosts can do it in any language! From Farsi to Italian to every other language, our technology can interact to every patient and guest regardless of what language they speak.

    Which brings up the question – what can our super-smart, multilingual holograms do for you?

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