Virtual Presenters for Conferences - Saving Time (and Trees) at the CED Tech Venture Conference

    by David Rose on Oct 2, 2017 12:31:00 PM

    Don't get me wrong, good paper has its place:  Your child's first drawings, your grandfather's signature at the bottom of a yellowing letter, your wedding invitation on heavy linen stock. (Don't toss that in the recycle bin if you want to stay happily wed.)

    But the CED Tech Venture Conference last month in Raleigh, North Carolina, was about INNOVATION.   Billed as THE Place where NC "Stars meet Angels" the conference brought together innovative start ups, entrepreneurs, investors, and legendary success stories like Red Hat and Zip Car.

    For the 600 plus attendees, it was a rare opportunity to network, learn, and move new ideas forward at hyper speed.

    Exciting times--

    So why keep track of them using that cumbersome, 2 thousand year old technology--paper.   Great for Chinese characters , valuable etchings,  and rare books--but  let’s face it--in today’s working world, paper usually ends up stuffed in brief cases, trash cans, or worse--covered in shoe prints on the carpet after everyone goes home.

    So, for the innovative CED Tech Venture Conference, a custom virtual presenter was created to greet attendees and get them quickly up to speed.

    A combination of enhanced graphics and superior artificial intelligence, she, (yes, she—they’re remarkably life-like) engaged and informed, delivering agendas, speakers, topics, and just about anything else conference guests needed to know.

    I like to call this new category of SMART Virtual Presenters, CRM with legs, because they deliver web-quality customer journeys and tracking in the real physical world.

    That IS innovative. 

    And these SMART Virtual Presenters don't just save trees, they save time by tailoring info to each guest’s interests with just a few keystrokes.

    I don't know about you but as a technology entrepreneur, TIME is the number one human resource that's always in short supply.

    Another big plus—SMART Virtual Presenters excel at collecting web quality analytics on every step of the customer journey.

    Think about how knows your reading tastes.  Now apply those analytics to your next conference or event.  Great planning tool for next year, right?

    One more way this year's CED Tech Innovation Conference went paper-less was the highly touted down loadable app.  “Ditch the paper, down load the app” was the theme. Containing everything from timetables to speaker bios and company links, it was a tremendous tool.

    But only SMART Virtual Presenters for conferences can make eye contact, smile, wave, and welcome.

    That timely engagement made a big impression at the CED Tech Innovation Conference last month. And a few hundred trees lived to shade another day.

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