Trade Show Technology Project Spotlight: AstraZeneca

    by Nick Rockafellow on Aug 29, 2017 9:59:43 AM


    As part of their launch strategy for a new product, Onglyza, AstraZeneca (AZ) decided to exhibit at seven professional conferences. AZ’s marketing team had hopes of spreading the word about Onglyza to physicians, and generating qualified leads. Sounds like a plan, right?!

    Unfortunately, AZ’s marketing folks didn’t get the traffic they had been hoping for. People weren’t stopping by the booth, resulting in a weak ROI. What to do? Bring in the experts! nuMedia Innovations was called in to evaluate the situation.

    The Challenge

    After the first few conferences, it was obvious that something was wrong – less than 300 leads had been collected at each trade show, falling far below the team’s objectives.

    The marketing team was left scratching their heads. Why weren’t physicians flocking to their booth to learn about their exciting new product? After some evaluation, it became obvious. Their booth was, well, BORING! Unless you have something unique and exciting to offer, they likely won’t give your product a second glance. The AZ team needed a solution, and fast!


    Our solution was simple: make it FUN! By utilizing proven steps to improve tradeshow customer differentiation, the nuMedia team created a virtual reality experience in which physicians could play games in exchange for their contact information.

    The new booth experience went a little like this: 

    1. Visitor (Let’s call him Dr. Suess) swipes their convention badge.
    2. AZ rep walks Dr. Suess through a series of disease/product related questions.
    3. Dr Suess embarks on a virtual reality snowboard race, which features branded product messaging throughout.
    4. The always-competitive Dr. Suess checks his ranking on an overall leaderboard. 

    Trade Show Technology

    The Result

    At each of the remaining four conferences, lead generation went up 100%. Let’s break that down a bit:

    • Pre-nuMedia conferences, ~300 leads per trade show were generated
    • Post nuMedia Solution, lead generation skyrocketed to ~600 leads per trade show
    • The nuMedia Solution provided a 2:1 improvement!

    Not only were physicians flocking to the booth, they kept coming back for more. Attendees revisited the exhibit multiple times in hopes of upping their ranking, soaking in the AZ messaging with each repeat visit.

    The nuMedia Solution was an overwhelming success! Not only did the AZ team exceed their lead objectives, they were able to engage physicians in a whole new way, growing product awareness through a fun and unique experience. In fact, this approach was so successful that it was also utilized by Bristol-Myers-Squibb to attract booth traffic and gather leads. We’d call that a win all the way around! 

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