Trade Show Technology Every Company Should Use

    by Nick Rockafellow on May 2, 2017 10:00:15 AM

    Walk around any trade show floor and you will quickly see the importance of technology. From charging stations to large, digital signage, companies are attempting to gain the attention of distracted, busy attendees. Trade Show visitors are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing these types of marketing strategies, requiring companies to find ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. The right technological solution should be able to not only acquire and hold the attention of trade show attendees, but also allow your booth team to be more effective. Here are several technology solutions which can help achieve both of those results!

    1. Registration Technology

    Registration Technology at Trade ShowsThe days of filling out your information on pen and paper at a trade show booth are over! Or at least they should be. With dozens of contacts to meet and greet, your booth team doesn’t have time to wait for someone to fill out their contact information by hand. That’s why every company should invest in registration technology. By facilitating the registration process, your booth team can spend more time on conveying your unique value proposition instead of simply waiting to get a contacts information. While you may recognize that registration technology is important, how do you determine which type of technology is right for your booth? The wrong technology will gather leads, but it will force your team to input them later into your CRM or sales management system. The right system will be able to gather leads and automatically input them into all your management systems.

    2. Experiential Display Technology

    Experiential Screen at trade showWalk into any trade show and you will see the same thing. Large, colorful booths dotting the hall with all kinds of features such as second stories and free food. Arguably, the most popular feature is some type of display technology. With everyone using displays, how can you differentiate your booth? Experiential display technology! Experiential display technology utilizes several unique features to catch an attendee’s attention. Motion detection technology can recognize when a person approaches, trigger a video which the person interacts with on a touch screen, and pick up a person’s reaction (interested, disinterested, potential lead, not a potential lead, etc.) into your CRM through facial recognition software. Experiential display technology can attract the attention of seasoned trade show attendees who would otherwise ignore your booth.

    3. Mobile Engagement Technology

    Mobile Engagment at Trade ShowCell phones dominate our lives and can help transform your next trade show. Just as companies use apps to market a new product or service, a trade show specific app can provide information in a fun, creative way. While marketing brochures can provide information, they can easily get lost in all the other swag that trade show attendees acquire. Mobile applications can send reminders and stay on a potential customer’s phone after the show is over. Capabilities such as geo-location can make your app practical while fun aspects such as augmented reality and games can present your material in a fun, engaging format that every person at the trade show will be talking about! Wrap these features with software to track engagement metrics, and your mobile application can transform your next trade show!

    4. Event Organization Software

    Event Organization SoftwareBefore the trade show even starts, you can improve your efficiency by utilizing event organization software. This type of software can save your company time and money by facilitating every aspect from project management capabilities to booth design services. With your entire trade show and booth already organized before the show, you team can set up and be more efficient once the show starts. The software also helps your team during the trade show. By having tasks assignments, employees’ schedules, and being able to convey information smoothly, your team can be more efficient throughout the entire show! The analytical ability of most software allows for managers to know exactly where the interaction of their team and booth attendees occurred. Trade shows are hectic, and this software can make everything smoother.

    5. Something that sets you apart

    Wow Factor at Trade ShowThis may seem like the most random point, but it is arguably the most important. Every booth and person is fighting for mindshare at busy trade shows. Most trade show attendees travel to multiple trade shows a year. After visiting trade show after trade show, they have become almost numb to the same gimmicks that every other company tries (colorful displays, brochures, etc.). So how can you get their attention? Try something new! Virtual reality and augmented reality can allow customers to experience your story and products instead of just hearing about them. Holograms are useful presenters that will get the entire show talking, while mixed reality mirrors can help a potential buyer or client view your product in their hands! To stand out at trade shows, you need to find something to set yourself apart!

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