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3 Ways Virtual Reality is Changing Construction

Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t just for games anymore. The immersive technology is changing how industries operate, and one industry already seeing VR's impact is construction and design. VR is being implemented to help clients visualize their purchase in a more complete way, to alleviate the struggle of last minute decisions, and to help train new hires and unqualified workers. Virtual reality continues to innovate these areas producing unparalleled and efficient results!

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Different Ways To Use Virtual Reality at Your Trade Show

You have decided to use Virtual Reality (VR) at your trade show booth but are wondering what is the best way to implement the technology to set you apart from the competition. VR is able to immerse the user into a new environment complete with interactive features. Anyone who has ever experienced virtual reality knows how unique and impactful the experience can be, but the question remains. How can you use virtual reality at your trade show booth? Here are just four ways you can use virtual reality at your trade show booth.

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4 Industries Using Virtual Reality for Training

“What practical application does it have?” Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiasts and users continue to answer this question. In the past few years, Virtual Reality has been able to answer this question in the form of training applications for employees in various industries through the ability to transport a user to an entirely new computer generated or video recorded world complete with interactive capabilities. These are just 4 of the industries where Virtual Reality training applications have been used successfully!

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