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How To Use Virtual Reality at Your Trade Show

Trade shows can be exciting, profitable….and completely hectic. Delivering your message and demonstrations in an effective manner can be incredibly difficult as attendees need to see several booths and every booth has its own distractions. In order to effectively communicate the value of your company or products, you need an incredibly effective delivery method. Look no further than Virtual Reality! Virtual Reality, or VR for short, uses computer-generated images and experiences to transport a viewer to an entirely new setting. While most people associated the technology for gaming, VR can greatly impact your trade show and increase your booth’s ROI. Below are three ways Virtual Reality can be used at trade shows.

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How Augmented Reality can be used at Trade Shows

Trade shows have become more competitive in the last several years resulting in companies willing to try different methods in order to increase their ROI. One technology that is becoming more and more popular is augmented reality. The technology overlays the real world with digital images, messages, and experiences. Pokémon Go introduced many people to augmented reality in a gaming format, but the ability to implement the technology in a business format is still foreign to many people. Here are several ways to use augmented reality at your trade show booth.

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5 Applications for Virtual Reality in the Enterprise

Virtual Reality (VR) has been one of the most promising pieces of tech for the last few years. Most of the population has associated the technology with games, but the potential applications of VR go far beyond just simple entertainment! Virtual reality has a long list of enterprise applications. These applications can save companies millions of dollars while helping to drive revenue and efficiency. Let’s explore just five of the ways that virtual reality will change the enterprise.

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Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI (Part One)

We have all read the articles about how to add technology to your trade show booth and dis-plays:  Add a monitor (yawn), add a phone charging station (how does this help you?), add a display case (how original), add “digital literature” (boring!). The truth is adding technology is easy, but adding the right technology is a very different story.

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15 Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Next Trade Show

There are lots of ways to improve your team's performance at trade shows from new high-end displays to rewards and incentives for top representatives. But many of these improvement methods come with hefty price tags. No Worries! There are a lot of different ways to improve trade show performance without breaking the bank. We have put together 15 low or no-cost ways to improve your next trade show.

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Maximizing Your Company’s ROI on Tradeshows:5 Ways to Capitalize on Events without a lot of Capital

So your biggest tradeshow of the year is a few months out and your boss just told you to “maximize the ROI” on the invent, handed you a budget and walked out of the room. Don’t laugh, this exact scenario happened to me not too terribly long ago. The booth plan was done and the construction was already underway when this directive was sent down from on high and it was up to my team to figure out exactly what was meant by “Maximizing the ROI” and exactly how to accomplish that goal.

The first thing we had to do was, of course, determine what the words meant, so we started digging. Being a numbers guy, the first thought was to check the numbers from last year’s event. Seems logical, but to my surprise, if not outright horror, the only numbers I could get from anyone was a salesman that was able to show me how many “leads” they generated during the three-day event, which amounted to a little more than the gathering and scanning of business cards and name badges. Obviously there was a lot of room for improvement here, so that was our starting point.

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