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4 Industries Using Virtual Reality for Training

“What practical application does it have?” Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiasts and users continue to answer this question. In the past few years, Virtual Reality has been able to answer this question in the form of training applications for employees in various industries through the ability to transport a user to an entirely new computer generated or video recorded world complete with interactive capabilities. These are just 4 of the industries where Virtual Reality training applications have been used successfully!

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Virtual Reality: Entertainment and Commercial Applications

It may sound strange, but the first multimedia virtual reality device was created in 1957. Known as the ‘Sensorama’, the device featured a viewing screen inside an enclosed booth fitted with a rotating chair, fans, audio speakers, and a machine used to create smells. These functions helped to create a fully immersive experience. Fast forward to today, virtual reality devices are much smaller and much more popular. Companies such as Google and Sony have helped make them more accessible for the average person. While consumers purchased millions of devices last year, a lot of companies still wonder whether virtual reality can be an effective solution for their business. Let’s take a look at both the commercial and entertainment applications of virtual reality, and how they can benefit almost any business.

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The Benefits of Augmented Reality Training

At this point, we all have seen the amazing marketing effects of augmented reality. One of the best examples is Pokémon Go, which utilized the technology to explode in popularity in only a few days. While the incredible potential for augmented reality in the marketing sector is obvious, many companies overlook how the technology can help them internally. Here are just a few of the benefits of using augmented reality training methods.

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Why Your Office Space Matters

In recent years, companies have transformed their boring offices with horrible lighting and depressing cubicles into colorful environments with everything from open areas to nap pods. Thousands of articles highlight the companies who have been pioneering this transformation. While many see these offices as a necessity, some managers still wonder how their office space contributes to the company’s bottom line. Here are just a few reasons why an effective, engaging office layout matters.

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Don't Forget Your Space!

I am willing to bet  that most of our readers are familiar with all the exciting new buzzwords for the work place. Words like “gamification”, “employee engagement”, “team building” … and the list goes on and on. Basically, an entirely new industry has arisen as an attempt to raise productivity and stimulate the innovative nature of employees. There is a good reason for this new business place innovation.

According to the best available information for the year 2015, more the 70% of employees are dissatisfied and uncommitted to their work. More than $300 Billion dollars in productivity is lost each year to disengaged employees and nearly 40% of new hires leave their job due to poor initial training and job dissatisfaction.

These numbers are staggering, so it is easy to understand how and why these new concepts are gaining traction in industries across all sectors of the markets. But there is more to engagement and happiness than software and “trust falls” and that seemingly forgotten component is the environment in which people find themselves working.

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Augmented Reality: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Everybody loves autumn. The sweltering dog days are slowly losing their bite, the leaves begin to change …… Forget all of that.  Autumn means one thing – football is back!  

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C-Suite Gamers: Why Corporate Leadership Plays Games

Who Plays Games?

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