What's "Nu"?

3 Ways Virtual Reality is Changing Construction

Virtual Reality (VR) isn’t just for games anymore. The immersive technology is changing how industries operate, and one industry already seeing VR's impact is construction and design. VR is being implemented to help clients visualize their purchase in a more complete way, to alleviate the struggle of last minute decisions, and to help train new hires and unqualified workers. Virtual reality continues to innovate these areas producing unparalleled and efficient results!

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Collaborative Virtual Reality Environment

“Virtual Reality (VR) is here”! Although several evangelists of the technology have been shouting this from the rooftop, many people have never even experienced a VR experience, let alone use the technology for their daily lives. Most people who have used VR before, have only used in a gaming format. Even though gaming may be the most popular use case of the technology, the enterprise applications of VR are enormous! While experts see the potential in Virtual Reality, they also understand that the technology needs a “killer use case” to ignite mass adoptions. Many people have different opinions, but we believe this “killer use case” will be collaborative Virtual Reality environments!

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