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How To Use Virtual Reality at Your Trade Show

Trade shows can be exciting, profitable….and completely hectic. Delivering your message and demonstrations in an effective manner can be incredibly difficult as attendees need to see several booths and every booth has its own distractions. In order to effectively communicate the value of your company or products, you need an incredibly effective delivery method. Look no further than Virtual Reality! Virtual Reality, or VR for short, uses computer-generated images and experiences to transport a viewer to an entirely new setting. While most people associated the technology for gaming, VR can greatly impact your trade show and increase your booth’s ROI. Below are three ways Virtual Reality can be used at trade shows.

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Is your trade show display technology holding you back?

By now, most of us have heard “every company is a tech company,” or “every business is a digital business.” While sounding like a truism, it is a fact. Technology is no longer a commodity or service, it is at the core of every business.

Digital transformation has major implications for every business and industry, from startup to Fortune 500, but those who rely on outdated technology risk being disrupted. In this article, we discuss what is key to enabling digital transformation for your trade shows – and the transformation is so critical. Are you disrupting, or are you being disrupted?

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Trade Show Technology Project Spotlight: AstraZeneca


As part of their launch strategy for a new product, Onglyza, AstraZeneca (AZ) decided to exhibit at seven professional conferences. AZ’s marketing team had hopes of spreading the word about Onglyza to physicians, and generating qualified leads. Sounds like a plan, right?!

Unfortunately, AZ’s marketing folks didn’t get the traffic they had been hoping for. People weren’t stopping by the booth, resulting in a weak ROI. What to do? Bring in the experts! nuMedia Innovations was called in to evaluate the situation.

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Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI (Part One)

We have all read the articles about how to add technology to your trade show booth and dis-plays:  Add a monitor (yawn), add a phone charging station (how does this help you?), add a display case (how original), add “digital literature” (boring!). The truth is adding technology is easy, but adding the right technology is a very different story.

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15 Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Next Trade Show

There are lots of ways to improve your team's performance at trade shows from new high-end displays to rewards and incentives for top representatives. But many of these improvement methods come with hefty price tags. No Worries! There are a lot of different ways to improve trade show performance without breaking the bank. We have put together 15 low or no-cost ways to improve your next trade show.

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