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5 Applications for Virtual Reality in the Enterprise

Virtual Reality (VR) has been one of the most promising pieces of tech for the last few years. Most of the population has associated the technology with games, but the potential applications of VR go far beyond just simple entertainment! Virtual reality has a long list of enterprise applications. These applications can save companies millions of dollars while helping to drive revenue and efficiency. Let’s explore just five of the ways that virtual reality will change the enterprise.

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Is your trade show display technology holding you back?

By now, most of us have heard “every company is a tech company,” or “every business is a digital business.” While sounding like a truism, it is a fact. Technology is no longer a commodity or service, it is at the core of every business.

Digital transformation has major implications for every business and industry, from startup to Fortune 500, but those who rely on outdated technology risk being disrupted. In this article, we discuss what is key to enabling digital transformation for your trade shows – and the transformation is so critical. Are you disrupting, or are you being disrupted?

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Why Every Company Should Consider Experiential Marketing Technology

How do you differentiate your marketing from the competition and deliver a unique, powerful experience for your consumers? One of the most unique and impactful ways to achieve this differentiation is to employ experiential marketing technology. What specifically is experiential marketing technology? Experiential technology is any type of technology that interacts with a consumer to improve the user experience or brand awareness. Some specific examples of experiential marketing technology include interactive displays and holograms, VR and AR experiences, and branded phone games. While we all have seen some form of this type of technology, managers may still wonder what are the benefits. Here are just a few reasons why every company should consider experiential marketing technology.

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The Benefits of Augmented Reality Training

At this point, we all have seen the amazing marketing effects of augmented reality. One of the best examples is Pokémon Go, which utilized the technology to explode in popularity in only a few days. While the incredible potential for augmented reality in the marketing sector is obvious, many companies overlook how the technology can help them internally. Here are just a few of the benefits of using augmented reality training methods.

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The Benefits of Virtual Reality Training

Most of us know what virtual reality is, and most corporate leadership understands the benefit of effective training, but not many understand the potential for improving the bottom line using VR. Virtual reality creates an immersive experience where the viewer can be transported to a completely different area, city, or world. Recently, the technology has mainly been associated with gaming and entertainment. This association with video games has caused many companies to be leery about the application of virtual reality in corporate training. Although it may seem strange at first, virtual reality has several benefits that can be applied to any company in any sector!

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Tradeshow Tech Upgrades Part 1

People love tech. If you need any evidence, look around at all the people with their eyes locked on their hand-held devices. So why is it that booths at tradeshows are still using dumb screens? Simply looping a video, no matter how engaging the video, is boring… ahem…BORING! Seriously, why even bother when every single booth at the show has a video screen of some size, playing an “attractor” loop that eventually bores the booth attendants to tears and communicates only one direct message. Yes, of course you can add more videos with even more messaging, but how effective is that really? Do you get a need lead? Do you know the demographics of the people that have shown the most interest? How did the viewer react to the information that was provided in the content? If you cannot answer these questions, then you’re doing it wrong. Sorry for the cold water in the face, but you are not maximizing your return on investment if you cannot provide simple concise answers to these very basic questions.

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Maximizing Your Company’s ROI on Tradeshows:5 Ways to Capitalize on Events without a lot of Capital

So your biggest tradeshow of the year is a few months out and your boss just told you to “maximize the ROI” on the invent, handed you a budget and walked out of the room. Don’t laugh, this exact scenario happened to me not too terribly long ago. The booth plan was done and the construction was already underway when this directive was sent down from on high and it was up to my team to figure out exactly what was meant by “Maximizing the ROI” and exactly how to accomplish that goal.

The first thing we had to do was, of course, determine what the words meant, so we started digging. Being a numbers guy, the first thought was to check the numbers from last year’s event. Seems logical, but to my surprise, if not outright horror, the only numbers I could get from anyone was a salesman that was able to show me how many “leads” they generated during the three-day event, which amounted to a little more than the gathering and scanning of business cards and name badges. Obviously there was a lot of room for improvement here, so that was our starting point.

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