The Importance of Office Transformation

    by Nick Rockafellow on Aug 8, 2018 12:00:00 PM

    On average, American adult workers spend 47 hours per week working. Being at an disengaged office this much each week can lead to a less productive and engaged workforce. Companies from Google to small startups have recognized this problem and transformed their offices to increase employee productivity and engagement. While many companies have recognized the impact that a transformed office can have on employee engagement, many do not see the need to transform their office because they do not believe the problem of disengaged employees is too severe. Which begs the question, how prevalent are disengaged employees?

    How prevalent are disengaged employees?

    A Gallup poll from shows that more than 50 percent of all workers in the US are disengaged resulting in a loss of $450 - $550 billion dollars in the US alone every year. That isn’t a misprint. $450 - $550 billion dollars every year! For large companies, that can be the difference between establishing themselves as the leaders in their fields and loosing valuable clients. For startups, that can be the difference between staying in business and closing their doors.

    An engaging and productive office layout and technology are able to greatly increase employee productivity, engagement, and overall happiness. Office transformation done correctly is able to achieve these goals, but office transformation done incorrectly can cause more problems than it solves. So, the question remains, how can you successfully transform your office?

    Ways to successfully transform your office

    1) Create spaces that benefit each job

    No one solution is right for every workplace or job. Some jobs require privacy and their own space to make phone call and talk consistently with clients. Other jobs can benefit greatly from open floor-plans that encourage collaboration. Utilizing the same solution such as cubicles or even an entirely open work space can benefit some while distracting and decreasing the productivity of others. By creating work stations that are uniquely designed to facilitate the jobs of each employee, your company is able to increase your employee engagement and create an inviting space where employees actually want to work!

    2) Create meeting spaces that foster collaboration and not sleep

    7 people, 3 chairs, one tiny table. Sounds like a bad math problem, but this was the setting for a Monday morning meeting I experienced at a past job. Unfortunately, there was no way to fix the problem. The room wasn’t big enough to accommodate more chairs and the company didn’t have any more meeting rooms.

    Individuals across the world are experiencing the same problem every day. Companies have not adequately designed meeting spaces to be able to expedite meetings in an effective manner. They are small and don’t have the correct technology to streamline meetings which costs the company millions of dollars every year.

    3) Seamlessly integrated technology

    We have all been in a meeting or conference room where the boss can’t seem to figure out the phone, electronic white board, or collaboration software. Waiting for this technology to work can cause extreme frustration, reflect poorly on your company, and reduce the amount of time that can actually be spent on productive work resulting in an incredibly frustrating and disengaging office. Seamlessly integrating technology such as smart whiteboards and digital hosts is able to alleviate a lot of the problems and dissatisfaction associated with an un-transformed office.

    4) Simple and effective client communication systems

    In a perfect scenario, your employee would be able to sit down, demonstrate, and explain all the different aspects and features of your product to a new or existing client. Unfortunately, you can’t always bring a client into your office. So how do you solve this? The same technology that companies have used for years, like email and phone calls? No!

    Cutting-edge technology can help alleviate the disengaged nature of employees who avoid the technology in their office. Virtual Reality systems, like our nuReality, allow for both sides to see models and products regardless of the individuals’ physical location. Smart white boards, visualization technology, augmented reality instructional systems, and more can all be implemented to simultaneously increase an employees’ productivity and engagement!

    5) An overall layout that aligns with your corporate values

    Walking into work at a company that touts itself as an 'innovative' only to work in a small cubicle and without any of the company’s outward values seen will quickly disengage even the most enthusiastic employee. To combat this, companies have used display screens to show volunteerism, virtual reality and augmented reality systems to streamline processes and show a true innovative workplace, and relaxation areas to demonstrate that they truly care about a good work-life balance. Companies that demonstrate their corporate values to their employees as well as their customers will see an increase in employee engagement and productivity! 

    FINal thoughts

    Regardless of whether it's a fortune 500 company or groundbreaking startup, an ineffective office can lead to disengaged and unsatisfied workers. Disengaged workers can be the difference between success and failure for a product or even an entire company. Don't wait until your revenue has steadily dropped. Transform your office to an engaging and enabling environment for every employee!

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