“Signing” a Patented Technology

    by Raymond Winters on May 9, 2019, 5:08:08 PM

    nuMedia Innovations h as been making remarkable strides forward in the development of the PRSONAS™ series of digital avatars with personality. One of the most notable is our new patented technology that enables our PRSONAS™ line to communicate using American Sign Language, or ASL. On the surface, this might seem minor, but when you think abouProject SIgn Language Patentt the possibilities, what has been accomplished is remarkable. Now membPrs of the Deaf Community can interact with the systems in a way that is both natural and comfortable. While the technology is still in its infancy and far from perfect, the progress has been amazing. With the ability to convey information in many spoken languages, it was a natural fit to provide alternative forms of communication and make the product line much more inclusive and accessible. With the recent patent award, we are looking forward to expanding the capabilities of our product and helping businesses advance opportunities while simultaneously opening new avenues for communication with entire communities that may have been previously excluded, due to lack of appropriate resources.

    OK, so that was the formal announcement. What all of this means is that the PRSONAS™ characters are now using ASL and with the ability, our clients can now design experiences catering specifically to the Deaf Community, and that is awesome!!!

    nuTEAM_Holograms Deliver American Sign Language (ASL)_1

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