Retail Banking Holograms - RBS Leads the Way

    by David Rose on Mar 2, 2016 1:46:00 PM


    From their stately offices in the 18th century New Town--to the stately, wigged Lord on their currency, everything about Royal Bank of Scotland says old money and tradition. This is not the place you would expect to see retail banking holograms!

    But this 300 year old institution is no dinosaur.   RBS (as the bank is now called) is rebranding, and in the process they're doing some very hip things.

    Example: A PRSONAS unit in the RBS Open Experience Center, a steel and glass tower just outside the grey stone city center.  After a highly publicized system failure, RBS has committed to the best and brightest new banking technology.

    Needless to say, PRSONAS is delighted to feature prominently in that plan--

    "We're there to demonstrate the art of the possible," said Jeremy Spratt, PRSONAS VP of Global Business Development.   "Banking in Europe is ready to move beyond the conventional kiosk and RBS and its subsidiaries like Ulster Bank are leading the way. "

    That's hip on some many levels.

    Let me stress--these are MAJOR players. RBS was once the largest bank in the world.   So looking at our retail banking holograms, dressed in their shirt, in front of their logo, interacting with their partners right in down to charming accent of low country Scots--

    Well, that was my video of the week.

    And the word of the week? Solutions. PRSONAS is helping RBS find banking solutions in a very visible, game-changing way. What can we do for you?



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