PRSONAS Rocks IMPACT Optimize 2019!

    by Chuck Rinker on Sep 19, 2019 11:37:26 PM

    On August 8th, 2019, over 1000 attendees gathered at Navy Pier in downtown Chicago for Impact Optimize 2019, a one-day summit dedicated to changing the way we think about business in the digital age. And what better way to high light this digital progress than by engaging attendees with a unique experience interacting with a Digital Holographic Assistant?

    In our everyday world, we’re already interacting with artificial intelligence in one form or another. Just ask Siri or Alexa. The next obvious step is to add human gesture as part of the communication to go along with that AI. Many of the attendees at Impact Optimize 2019 had the opportunity to do just that, thanks to the event’s organizers, Impact Networking, and nuMedia’s own PRSONAS character named Daphne.

    Digital Holographic Assistants can fulfill many roles, such as a virtual receptionist, product specialists, or a virtual concierge, as well as roles which can help offer solutions designed to minimize the redundant, paper-based tasks that every business faces. They can also help your event stand out from other events. At Impact Optimize 2019, Daphne did just that. Using built-in motion sensors, proximity sensors, artificial intelligence, and an easy to use touch screen interface, Daphne provided information about the networking happy hour, which included drinks, live music, and guest appearances by the Chicago Blackhawks players, on-site experiences, and more. Attendees were also encouraged to snap a photo with Daphne to be entered to win raffle prizes, such as tickets to the Milwaukee Brewers 2019 season and the Chicago Cubs 1914 Club Experience for the 2019 season, both of which were only a sample of the many prizes given out during the event.

    Digital Holographic Assistants are a great way to enhance any event and create a one of kind experience as attendees at Impact Optimize 2019 can attest to: “The interactive hologram was a hit at Impact Optimize 2019. If you're looking for a way to ensure your event stands out, a hologram is definitely a great option!" said one satisfied attendee. And Daphne wasn’t just a hit with them. PERSONA’s virtual digital assistant was also a hit with the event sponsors: "The customer service at nuMedia Innovations was outstanding. From initial conversations to the device set up, the nuMedia team was there to help at every step."

    In today’s digital age, especially with the push towards digital integration in the workplace, virtual digital assistants are a vital part of that integration. nuMedia’s PRSONAS digital holographic assistants are the leading edge of this process. Now make it a part of yours.

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