Serving Multilingual Customers? Mixed Reality Holograms Speak Any Language!

    by David Rose on Sep 30, 2016 2:03:00 PM

    If it was just up to me, my first choice would be Rome's main train station.

    Have you been there?

    Ultra loud, confusing and absolutely NO one to help you. Even nuns in full habits are waving their arms in frustration and despair.

    A mixed reality hologram that speaks any language could take care of that in a flash. Travel just got a whole lot easier--Hello lovely Roman Forum (again).

    Now, let's transfer that thought to RETAIL for a moment. Have you bought active wear, underwear or jeans lately? Let's narrow that even further--have you bought jeans with a female?

    Boot cut? Skinny leg? Mid-rise? Low Rise? Relaxed fit? They don't have those phrases in any language class or Rosetta Stone program I've ever tried.   And while GAP or Old Navy MUST be multilingual at some level, what about their thousands of retail stores? On-site translators are not a cost effective option. But a multilingual mixed reality holograms units in every store--now that can be done.

    What about Health Care? Yes, translators are available at major hospitals, but getting one takes time, clogging an already over-burdened system.

    And what about your urgent cares, minute clinics and pharmacies that give shots and dispense prescriptions on every corner?   Imagine how PRSONAS mixed reality holograms could help better serve multilingual customers, streamline their business, cut cost and improve care.

    Government offices, DMVs--the list of applications goes on and on.

    So the take away is this: What are your customers/clients speaking? And what percentage are you ignoring by not speaking their language, too?

    Multilingual support on demand is the wave of the future, and PRSONAS mixed reality holograms can speak any language right now. From American sign language, to Japanese, Spanish to Arabic--how can we help you reach your customers in interactive, memorable ways?

    Check out the video below of a PRSONAS unit speaking English, Spanish and Japanese at Microsoft's booth during CES earlier this year.



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