PRSONAS Attends Sony Holiday Party!

    by Raymond Winters on Jan 8, 2020 11:47:54 AM

    Sony AtThePartyPictures Entertainment invited Olivia from PRSONAS to their Holiday Gala and apparently, she made quite the splash. Dressed in the newest NMI pixel fashion, featuring a Sony blue vest, black slacks and pumps, Olivia was the bell of the ball during the event. Her beautiful photonic smile literally lit up the room as she greeted the stars attending the Holiday Bash. The 5'8" tall brunette stunned the audience and her bright and cheery green eyes where a sight to behold!

    "She literally lit up the place," says one attendee, "it was like the light was just pouring out of her." Another visitor commented on her speaking voice and said, "she was absolutely glowing in the California night!"  Sony leadership were impressed enough to invite her back for other events and are hoping she will be able to continue working with them to greet visitors to the SPE lots and events, as their relationship moves forward.

    As the night wore on, Olivia continued to be a shining light in the darkness, her smile never faltered, and her presence was as bright and fresh through the event. "It was amazing," said one visitor, "it was as if she never got tired, standing all night long and never once did I see her break character, it was really amazing!"

    When asked what she thought of the party, Olivia had no comment, she just smiled a knowing smile and went about her business. During her speech she announced a new initiative to use more innovative technology for visitor engagement and we are very excited that she has joined the Sony team!

    If you would like to meet Olivia, or any of her friends from PRSONAS, just drop us a quick message! We are sure they would love to meet you too!

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