Optimizing Your Office And Cubicle Walls

    by Nick Rockafellow on Jun 12, 2018 1:39:09 PM

    From the way we brew our coffee in the morning to the way we close deals, everything is being optimized. If you look around your office, you start to notice something. There is an area that hasn’t been optimized completely. One area that is staring you in the face! Your office and cubicle walls. Yes, the modern office is going through a transformation. Notable and influential tech companies are phasing out cubicle farms and replacing them with open floor concepts. Even with this transformation, office walls can be overlooked in this transformation process.

    How to optimize your office and cubicle wall

    So how do you optimize your office and cubicle walls? How can you build on the already impressive work and transformation that has occurred in the last few decades? It’s a technology we at nuMedia like to call interactive interior technology! This technology is a combination of interactive computing and display technology designed to give you more control of your environment, provide more information, and create a seamless junction of IoT computing and the way we work.

    What does the technology look like?

    The technology sounds great! But the question we get asked over and over again is, “what does the technology look like?” Let’s take a minute to look at your office walls. If you are in one of the millions of traditional offices in the world, your office walls are probably light colored or clear with a window or two. Now, imagine the same functionality of a touch screen computer on your office walls. Everything from word documents to professional reports and even the weather can cascade across your walls to increase efficiency.

    Interactive Office Walls

    The technology doesn’t stop there. Augmented reality displays, wayfinding technology, digital hosts, projection mapping, cutting edge digital screens, and more can all be incorporated into a cubicle or office wall to create an incredibly efficient workplace. It’s hard not to be excited about how your next corner office will feel and the productivity that will come with Interactive Interiors. If you want to learn more, download our free guide below to learn how the technology is truly changing the way we work and live!

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