On the Roadmap Volume 6: Going touchless

    by Raymond Winters on May 5, 2020 9:47:48 AM

    Voice Interface

    It is the first week of May and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact countries all around the world. Like most of you, nuMedia has also been greatly affected by this terrible event. Instead of "just making it through", we made the conscious decision to switch up our product roadmap a bit a pursue a new line of interface design that we are hoping with change the way people use public devices in the future.

    While touchscreens will most likely never go away, we have been working hard to provide a "voice first" interface to the engine that drives all of the PRSONAS™ experiences across all of our product lines. First let me explain whet we mean by "Voice First". Most of have talk to our devices. "Hey Siri" or "Hey Alexa" have become a common call among users of smart devices, everywhere. So we thought, if our personal devices can do this, why not introduce this powerful feature to public devices, starting with our own. "Voice First" interfacing with a PRSONAS™ avatar means most of the interactions involved in the experience can be activated by voice command. Some features, such as inputting a name or an email address still require the use of a touchscreen, much as it does on your phone, but guess what is coming.... Yes, indeed, in the very near future, PRSONAS™ will also be offering the ability to input information by simply spelling aloud what you would normally type on the touchscreen!
    THe all new PRSONAS nSPirePRSONAS Avatar with touchscreenPrsonas on ELO
    So what value does this add to the product line. Most apparent is the fact that touching almost anything in public could potentially be risky. As we have all been told, viruses can live of hours or even days on some hard surfaces. This means public devices with Voice First interfaces immediately lower the risk of contamination. But there are many more benefits than simple public safety (though that is a pretty big value in the grand scheme of things!). This also means interacting with a PRSONAS™ device will be a lot more conversational and even more personal. As the intelligence increases through interaction with people, our characters become able to understand more phrases and become more accurate in interpreting command and questions. Another big advantage is ease of use. No more page through menus or having to hit the back button if you make a mistake in entering information, all you have to do is talk. For example, we are now rolling out our new Visitor Management System, or VMS for short. Now instead of paging through 3 or 4 menu selections to check in for an appointment, all the users have to do is say "I am here for my appointment. My name is "John Doe" from nuMedia Innovations."  That's it. Pretty simple and to the point.

    nuMedia is bullish on the future and we want to be part of what is to come. If you would like to know more about our "Voice First" interface, please contact us. Remember, we can integrate with all kinds of systems, from Visitor Management and Access Control, to Concierge Services and Product Specialist. We want to make sure your customers have the safest and most engaging experience possible!

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