On the Roadmap, Volume 5

    by Raymond Winters on Sep 12, 2019 11:03:12 AM

    Talk about an amazing week! With a ton of new developments in the works for the platform that we will talk about in upcoming blogs, there is some fantastic “non-roadmap” news to share! nuMedia Innovations has recently acquired the assets of PRSONAS! Yes, you read that correctly, all the technology, assets and branding from the PRSONAS Digital Personalities are now the property of nuMedia Innovations and the nuTeam™ product line will now fall under the PRSONAS™ brand. We will still be the same reliable and innovative technology, but with a broader base of offerings and integrations available for our clients. Voice first interfaces, Visitor Management, Queue Management and other offerings are already available under the new branding and there is much more to come! Stop by the website and learn more about the new systems. You can visit NUMEDIAINNOVATIONS.COM to discover more about Ivana, Erica and Sofia, or visit PRSONAS.COM to learn more about the exciting tech that has been acquired in the recent purchase. We could not be more excited about the upcoming changes and we know you will be excited with the new technology that will be offered as a result.



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