On the Roadmap Volume 3

    by Raymond Winters on May 31, 2019 9:46:05 PM
    Hi There!!! Welcome back to on the roadmap. We are very excited to be introducing some changes in the product line up. nuMedia has introduced a series of “mission specific” versions of the PRSONAS™ hologram systems and the reception has been pretty amazing. With the introduction of the first three offerings and a few more in the pipeline, nuMedia is targetingIMG_0142REDUCED specific use cases for the nuReality™ platform.

    Ivana, Erica, and Sofia are purpose-built hologram solutions for Visitor Management, Concierge Services and IT Support, respectively. Ivana, or Intelligent Visitor and Notification Assistant, provides a professional and consistent way to greet your visitors, notify employees of their arrival and improve the security of your office. Ivana can provide those functions, while letting your employees stay productive at what they're good at, not serving as a part-time receptionist! 

    Erica is the only Digital Concierge with a personality! Imaging being able to provide your guest with extensive concierge services including way-finding, Google integration and the ability to speak and understand a wide variety of languages! Erica can do that and more at a fraction of the price of a live employee.Philadelphia Eagle Picture

    And finally, the newest offering in the PRSONAS™ line up, Sofia, brings us an automated and intelligent way to save on IT support. Sophia provides support help desk and location-based IT services as quickly and efficiently as online automated support, but in a packaged solution that is an engaging brand ambassador who speaks many languages, including sign language! Seems impossible, right? Not with Sofia, the engineer of the nuTeam line of artificial intelligence-driven avatars.

    Drop back by to see what is coming next, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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