On the Road Map, Volume 4: nuZHolo™

    by Raymond Winters on Jul 26, 2019 3:43:33 PM

    Hi All and welcome to a new On the Roadmap with the PRSONAS™. Today’s blog is a little bit of a shift from the regular segment. We wanted to let you all know about a new format for our PRSONAS™ displays. We are officially rolling out the first interactive Holotank display systems. You have probably seen similar displays, but we have gone one very important step further and are now offering fully interactive displays that are really eye-catching. Equipment with a touchscreen, button bar or even a gesture-based controller, the NuZHolo™ is bringing a new “WOW” factor to the trade show display world. Using the same engine as the rest of our PRSONAS™ product line, these displays offer the ability to show fully 3-D models in a unique display that not only attracts attention, but also delivers really impactful visuals. Client needs to see more detail, no problem! The NuZHolo™ can deliver stunning detail in a Full HD format, allowing zooming, rotating and even exploding the detail of product images or even full CAD models! Don’t settle for a static display! For the same cost get a totally interactive display. We have several sizes available, with the base model being a robust 43-inch display. You can even use them in larger formats to deliver unique full-sized character experiences. I really think these displays are amazing!

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