Interactive Interiors Project Spotlight: Disney Hospital

    by Nick Rockafellow on Jul 18, 2017 9:41:31 AM


    It’s every child’s dream come true, a week in sunny Orlando home of the “house the mouse built”. Sometimes, a child’s trip to Orlando has a very different purpose. Nearly 1,000 children undergo pediatric MRI’s at the hospital’s Orlando facility every year. Undergoing an MRI is no fun as an adult, but for a kid, it’s downright torturous. Yikes! Obviously, this presented a major challenge and led to a high percentage of children being sedated for the procedure, not an ideal solution.

    The Challenge


    As you can imagine, however, coaxing a child into lying perfectly still for nearly half an hour in a scary hospital room was no easy task. Florida Hospital’s administration developed a comprehensive plan which included parental education, improved acclimation techniques to make pediatric patients feel more at home, and pre-procedure simulations to help relax their patients. The challenge was how to deliver all of it in a fun way!


    Interactive Interiors TechnologyTo fully understand the issue, nuMedia Innovations’ team summoned our inner children and imagined what they must see walking into the hospital…and it wasn’t pretty. It was cold. It was scary. And it wasn’t any fun. Next, we put on our thinking caps and asked ourselves, “what can relax children in a fun atmosphere?” …And the answer was clear. We partnered with Bear Facts Entertainment to develop an interactive Extreme Playroom designed to bring some fun and excitement to an otherwise bleak environment. Elements of gamification, augmented reality, holograms, and more came together in what we like to call “Digital Living Art”.

    Virtual_concierge.pngNext, we addressed the issue of hallway navigation. If you’ve ever set foot in a hospital, you understand how confusing they can be, not even Google Maps can save you. To combat this confusion, we implemented a virtual concierge system with several touchpoints offering personalized help and directions, located throughout the hospital.


    The Result

    For the nuMedia team, seeing the smiles our solution brought to the faces of children and parents was result enough (yea yea, we know it’s cheesy, but it’s true!). More importantly, the numbers show actual change. Overall, Florida Hospital estimated that the solution resulted in around 135 children getting to skip sedation. Around 270 parents were spared the stress of watching their child be put under. And all patients, sedation or not, got to enjoy a new and improved hospital experience.



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