Interactive Hologram Delivers a One-of-a-Kind Experience for Pepsi and The Seattle Mariners

    by David Rose on Jun 17, 2015 5:05:00 PM

    At PRSONAS we've resurrected dinosaurs and 19th century inventors. We've recreated rodeo cowboys and a master quilter. And now, I'm happy to report, we've created an interactive hologram moose.

    This moose is so popular he has his own Wikipedia page, Amazon sales and a full dance card of personal appearances. Oh yeah, he's wearing a baseball uniform. That's because he has his own major league ball club, too.

    Mariner Moose is the mascot of the Seattle Mariners.   But even a cute, furry, baseball playing moose can't be in two places at once.

    So the Mariner's organization and sponsor Pepsi came to PRSONAS to create a life-sized interactive hologram of the mascot to put on the fan deck at Safeco Field.

    Our PRSONAS creates more presence, fan buzz; more photo ops. And it takes a GIANT step in branding.

    Equipped with motion sensors, Mariner the interactive hologram springs to life, welcomes fans and does a little magic with the Pepsi logo. Take a look.



    Mariner was installed just this spring, but he's already winning a BIG fan following.

    IMG_1805 (1)

    The world of sports marketing is not just lucrative; it's almost as competitive as the action on the field. Which is why PRSONAS is so DELIGHTED to have our creation at high-profile Safeco Field. It shows the versatility and growing popularity of our product. In a word (or two), BIG WIN!

    Go Mariners!


    I think I'll have a Pepsi with that.

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