5 Options for Interactive Customer Experiences With Mixed Reality Holograms

    by David Rose on Apr 16, 2016 1:10:00 PM

    One PRSONAS Unit--Five Options for Interactive Customer Experiences 

    Yes, we make interactive holograms (That's fun to say at cocktail parties BTW), but what PRSONAS really delivers is positive and interactive customer experiences. And to do that--you have to have OPTIONS.

    For example, 55 years ago in the fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina, Sheriff Andy Taylor (as played by NC native, Andy Griffith), picks up the phone and says, "Sarah, get me the diner."

    Never mind that the land line is his only line--It's comfortable. It makes us feel safe that everyone in this iconic slice of TV Land is on a friendly, first name basis.

    But even in Mayberry, this style can get old.

    • What if Sarah asks too many questions?
    • What if the sheriff is in a hurry?
    • What if he's just not in the mood for small talk?
    • Or what if (like more than 70 million Americans) Andy Taylor is deaf?

    Besides, have you ever noticed that in Mayberry of the 1960s, everyone is the same (White, English-speaking , mostly mainstream,  middle-class, relaxed and relatively happy)?

    The real world couldn't be more different.

    Fast forward to multi-cultural, multi-lingual, accessibility friendly, fast-paced, maxed-out 2016 and make Sarah a PRSONAS hologram.

    • The sheriff could get coupons for specials at the diner sent to him via real-time text / SMS directly to his mobile phone
    • He could use the HTML touch screen to browse the menu and place his order that way--maybe activating a coupon in the process
    • He might want to learn more about the daily specials via a short video
    • He could get menu and daily specials information in American Sign Language if that's more comfortable for him
    • Or he might revert to his original style and chat (We're talking Mayberry, after all)

    The point here is communication OPTIONS. Using one of our PRSONAS holograms, the sheriff/customer has the ability to interact FIVE different ways.

    And the sheriff calls the shots. That's positive. He likes to self-select and be in charge (just like we all do these days).

    The graphic at the top of this post says it all--OPTIONS=more positive and interactive customer experiences.

    Don't know about you, but she still makes me feel safe and comfortable. How can PRSONAS help you sleep better at night?

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