How to Use Augmented Reality: Augmented Reality Screens

    by Nick Rockafellow on Apr 25, 2018 2:00:00 PM

    “Is my phone the only way to use augmented reality”? We hear this question a lot because the majority of people associate augmented reality (AR) with Pokémon Go. The game was able to introduce AR to a wider audience but only introduced the technology in the form of a mobile application. For those that don’t know or who are unfamiliar with the technology, augmented reality superimposes the real world with computer generated images. So how can you view augmented reality images? Does it have to be through a mobile application like Pokémon Go? Not at all! One method of viewing AR images that is becoming increasingly popular is augmented reality screens!

    How Do Augmented Reality Screens Work?

    Augmented Reality screens, like our nuReflection, are triggered by any predetermined marker such as a team’s logo, brand image, or even someone’s face. The marker can be chosen beforehand and programmed into the system, like a team’s logo, or can be scanned by anything placed in front of the display, such as an individual’s face who views the screen or mirror. After the marker is set, a custom animation, message or digital imagery is then overlaid onto the display. Based on a tracking system, individuals are able to interact with these AR images in a way that reinforces messages and entertains the audience.

    Augmented Reality Screen

    Where Can Augmented Reality Screens Be Used?

    • Trade Shows
    • Corporate Events
    • Retail Store Fronts
    • Hospitals
    • Malls
    • Public Advertising Screens
    • Corporate Training Facilities
    • Stadiums
    • Music Events
    • Retail Store Engagement
    • Hotel Rooms
    • Way-Finding Technology
    • Educational Institutions
    • Health Care Training Locations

    Augmented Reality Screen

    Augmented reality continues to be used in a variety of ways and situations, and AR screens continue to be a popular choice to deploy the technology. Personally, we have seen and be able to implement AR screens across several different avenues including wayfinding technology at hospitals, digital hosts interacting with potential customers at retail stores, interactive messaging and images at trade shows and stadiums, and more! Augmented reality screens will continue to help brands and companies around the world differentiate themselves by creating incredible augmented reality experiences!

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