How to increase ROI at your next trade show

    by Nick Rockafellow on Jul 11, 2017 10:54:19 AM

    Millions of companies exhibit at trade shows every year. From travel expenses to the cost of designing and maintaining a booth, these shows aren’t cheap. If you are going to spend your money and efforts on exhibiting, your need to maximize your return on investment. Here are four ways that any company can increase their ROI at their next trade show:


    Trade Show AnalyticsThe first step to increasing your company’s ROI at their next trade show is to research the trade show, attendees, and market trends. Press releases, images, and any other information from the show will be able to give you a better idea of what to expect when exhibiting. By researching other companies and competitors who will be exhibiting, you can anticipate any questions and possible comparisons which may arise at the trade show. Staying up to date on current developments in your field is extremely crucial. You can tailor your message to answer the most relevant questions and problems that potential customers may have. With all this information gained through research, your team will be able to make more qualified decisions that should increase your ROI from the show.

    Attention Grabber:

    holograph-display.jpgIt doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you can’t get people to your booth. Free food and drinks are always a favorite, but they aren’t always able to convey the correct message or help companies stand out. Extravagant booths can get attendee’s attention, but are extremely expensive and hard to ship. What attention grabbing options exist that can fit a normal budget? Several! Free prize giveaways can always get any trade show talking. Games and interactive displays can excite even the most disgruntled attendee. Remember, it doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if you can’t get people to your booth then you have wasted your money.



    Trade Show GameGetting attendees to your booth isn’t enough to increase your company’s return on their investment. Visitors need to be engaged to be interested in your product or services after the show. How can you achieve this engagement? Make your booth interactive! The interactivity I am speaking about goes beyond just a “hi!” from an employee. Booth games, ranging from simple spinning wheel games to treasure hunts and VR experience, have been proven to capture leads and contact information. Interactive hologram presenters like a PRSONAS unit have been shown to effectively capture contact information as well. By making your booth interactive, your company will be able to maximize their dollar and capture more contact information.


    Trade Show AnalyticsTraditionally, companies haven’t been able to directly track analytics in their trade show booths. The technology used was as simple as a display screen, while contact information was still being collected on pen and paper. Today, everything can be trackable! From registration technology to screens that implement facial recognition software, everything should be able to support future decisions by tracking data. Don’t believe us? Every suggestion we have made so far in this article can track analytics! From attention grabbing displays to interactive games, every piece of technology a trade show booth uses can and should collect analytics. These analytics will help your companies make informed decisions and increase your ROI!


    While there are several more ways to increase your company’s ROI at their next trade show, these four suggestions are a great place to start! If you have any ideas or technical questions about how you can implement some of these suggestions, please feel free to click on the image and fill out your information in the Idea Box!

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