How to Increase Employee Productivity

    by Nick Rockafellow on May 23, 2017 10:06:20 AM

    Let’s admit it, sometimes it’s hard to be productive at work. Whether your office coworker wants to talk about her kids or your favorite team was just knocked out of playoff contention, distractions can pop up anywhere. An individual employee may just see these distractions as a nuisance, but executives take this very seriously. Why? Thousands of distracted employees equate to a loss of millions of dollars. Managers have traditionally tried to stop these distractions with an overbearing approach. Recently, more companies have tried to create an office atmospheres where employees want to be more productive. To achieve this productivity, companies need to include a not-so-secret weapon, interactive interior technology!

    How Bad is the Problem?

    How to increase employee productivityWhy are companies such as Google and Facebook going to such a large effort to make these engaging atmospheres? According to a Gallup poll, around 70% of employees are dissatisfied and uncommitted at work which results in a loss of an estimated $450 billion to $550 billion in the U.S. alone. That isn’t a typo. 7 out of every 10 employees are disengaged resulting in companies losing $450 to $550 billion! These figures are terrifying for both large and small companies. For a large company with hundreds of thousands of employees, this disengagement results in the type of loss we just highlighted. For a small company with a handful of employees, this disengagement could mean the difference between staying in business and having to close their doors.

    What’s the Solution? Interactive Interiors!

    interactive interior officeSo how do you solve this problem? Interactive Interior Technology! The type of technology we are talking about are not simple light switches or stylish fans. Interactive interior technology combines interior design and interactive computing to give you more control of your environment, provide more information, and create a seamless junction of IoT computing and the way you want to live your life. What shape can this technology take? Imagine your boss’ office on steroids. Simple glass or concrete walls are replaced with state of the art LED panels that can display presentations, track interactions, and communicate with other connected devices to increase productivity. This is just one example of the application of interactive interior technology.

    Benefits of an Interactive Interior

    You may be able to visualize the technology, but how can it increase productivity? Interactive interiors increase employee engagement resulting in higher productivity and profits. Think of the last meeting you attended. How much information do you remember? On average, most people forget 50% of all information presented to them within 24 hours. Whether it’s new information about someone’s job or clients providing their feedback, every meeting should be important. Companies can increase the retention of materials by replacing their outdated presentation technology such as televisions and projectors with completely controllable, state of the art interior technology. By being able to completely control their environment (size of information presented, environment of the room, style of presentation, etc.) employees will remember exponentially more material.

    Interactive LobbyCompanies are starting to realize that the way an employee enters the office is incredibly important to a productive day. If an employee enters the office unhappy then they will not be able to perform at their best. Traditionally, companies have tried to install water features and plants to liven up their lobbies. This type of engagement is great for a month or so, but employees become accustomed to the atmosphere. An interactive interior can be completely customized and changed at whatever frequency the companies wants. These unique and engaging experiences help employees to start their day happier and ready to work!

    Can interactive interiors only be applied to large spaces? Absolutely not! Companies try to communicate with their employees through several different means. From email to bulletin boards and even office announcements, these methods are not can be ineffective, but interactive interior technology can transform interoffice communication. Whether it’s a digital wall in every cubicle, a small connected device, or smart board that communicates directly with employee’s mobile devices, the important task of inter office communicating can be improved. These are just a few of the benefits that interactive interior technology can bring to any office!

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