How Augmented Reality can be used at Trade Shows

    by Nick Rockafellow on Apr 10, 2018 10:06:00 AM

    Trade shows have become more competitive in the last several years resulting in companies willing to try different methods in order to increase their ROI. One technology that is becoming more and more popular is augmented reality. The technology overlays the real world with digital images, messages, and experiences. Pokémon Go introduced many people to augmented reality in a gaming format, but the ability to implement the technology in a business format is still foreign to many people. Here are several ways to use augmented reality at your trade show booth.

    1. Attract People to Your Booth

    Many people are skeptical about Augmented Reality’s ability to drive foot traffic to their booth because they believe these images can only be seen on a mobile device. Luckily, show attendees don’t have to walk like zombies on their phones to view your images and messages. By using AR screens, like our nuReflection, viewers can have that “Oh wow!” moment when they walk past your booth and are enticed to learn more. Mobile based experiences are also effective if utilized correctly. Augmented Reality experiences coupled with pre-show marketing and effective signage can all help trigger the experience and people’s interest in your booth!

    Augmented Reality Mirror

    2. Product Demonstrations

    Every company can describe their product and how it works, but it is extremely difficult to conduct a true live demonstration in real time in various environments at a trade show. Augmented reality is able to alleviate this problem. 3D models of your products can be viewed in realistic environments complete with the ability to manipulate surroundings, zoom, and move your product model. But AR goes beyond these simple demonstrations that can be done on a computer. AR product demos, complete with realistic environments, are able to leave a lasting impression because they display your products in an environment almost identical to where it will be used.

    Augmented Reality at Trade Shows

    3. Booth Engagement

    Augmented Reality is able to keep your booth attendees engaged all while delivering valuable, targeted messaging. How? One simple fact. Augmented Reality is able to make a connection and be fun! One of the reasons so many loved Pokémon Go was that the Pokémon weren’t just on a screen; they looked as if they were here in real life. Whether it’s a branded game or experience, Augmented Reality is able to create an environment where visitors wanting to stay at your booth for as long as possible!

    Augmented Reality at Trade Show

    4. Announcements

    You could send an email to every attendee discussing your products and services, and hope they visit your booth. Unfortunately, these methods aren’t effective. Geolocation-based AR announcements made through a downloaded app are much more effective! Instead of popping up like any other email or notification, AR position-based messaging such as digital directions overlaid on the real world and giveaways that feature 3 dimensional images of prizes can all be beamed to anyone who has downloaded the app and walks within 50 feet of your booth to those who just enter the city for the show.

    Augmented Reality at Trade Shows

    5. Ability to take home

    As we previously discussed, the most commonly used form of Augmented Reality is as a mobile based app. These applications can range from simple AR wording to intricate, city spanning experiences that have hundreds of different features. An aspect that is usually overlooked with mobile based AR experiences is how long the application will stay on your booth’s visitors phone. To view your experience, a user has to download the application. Once downloaded, the application will not be removed for their phone until the user manually removes it. Every time the user looks through their phone, they will see your app and remember your offerings.

    Augmented Reality at Trade Shows

    After all of these examples of how to use Augmented Reality at your next trade show, one thing is clear. Augmented Reality will be able to increase your trade show ROI by increasing the amount of people who view and are interested in your products. Though this technology is relatively new, expect to see it at more and more trade shows you attend!

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