Holograms Solve the Customer Feedback Problem

    by David Rose on Feb 27, 2017 11:03:00 AM

    Feedback is priceless to brands and businesses--and that's why our inboxes are cluttered with requests.

    "How are we doing? How would you rate your recent purchase/service/visit/stay?"

    Before the printer can even spit out my new airline tickets--

    "Tell us about your experience, David. Please take a moment to complete this short survey. "

    I don't know about you-- but I find it a little annoying when a company that just took my money, now wants to take my time.

    And if I ignore theses pleas for feedback? More and more emails arrive. Clutter, frustration, and that magic command, "delete all," usually come into play

    Fortunately, PRSONAS holograms have a better way to follow up on customer engagements.

    Our self-service, interactive holograms track and record analytics at every key stroke. Duration, transactions, conversions, personal identifiers, locations, preferences and A/B testing are instantly available to our clients. They know how well their message is resonating, how well their strategy is performing. No need to beg for hit or miss feedback after the fact.

    And PRSONAS isn't just nimble in collecting analytics. We offer our clients an easy way to access their analytics data through our cloud-based analytics dashboard. With our design factory customers, will be able to update the end user experiences of their holograms from any laptop, anywhere in the world.

    All this can be done without annoying the end-user, without cluttering their inboxes, without begging for their opinion time after time.

    It's a better way to know your customers and what they want (which is NOT nagging BTW). PRSONAS analytics--what can they do for you?

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