Hey Mark Suster, I’d Love to Represent North Carolina Entrepreneurs at the 2018 Upfront Summit!

    by David Rose on Jan 3, 2018 12:00:00 AM

    I know your tech event is an incredibly hot ticket--like the Super bowl, Final Four and Broadway's "Hamilton" rolled into one.    And I know you've turned down BIG names with lots of GLAM in the past.  You are in LA, after all. 

    But your Upfront Summit, the premier event for venture capitalists, is all about discovering the next big thing.

    Like North Carolina--A lot is happening here. 

    Here are 3 reasons you need an NC rep at the 2018 Upfront Summit, Mark Suster:

    1) NC has a vibrant and productive tech community that touts over $1 Billion in startup exits.  Tech industry leaders Red Hat, SAS and CREE are headquartered here, but small, innovative companies like our own PRSONAS abound in environments like the American Underground.  Home to 269 companies across 43 industries (with a proud history of 48% female and/or person of color owned companies) AU boasts recent wins at Google Demo Day (Mati Energy, 2015) and Silicon Valley Open Doors (PRSONAS, 2017). 

    2)  NC is home to world-class universities producing great research and a wealth of high-quality talent.  UNC, Duke, NCSU, and Wake Forest not only attract top shelf international scientists, teachers, visionaries and Nobel Prize winners--these institutions graduate thousands of talented engineers, designers, visionaries and future Nobel Prize winners each year.  I'm happy to say that much of this home-grown talent would love to say right here in North Carolina.  Hate to brag, but we do love the NC lifestyle. 

    3) North Carolina has everything but access to venture capital.  (That's where you and your invitation come in, Mark.) Every time I want to pitch our company, PRSONAS, so we can grow to the next level, I have to get on a plane.  New York, California--that's where the money lives.  And often times they don't get us, our region or our highly-educated southern vibe.   That's a mistake.  North Carolina is a great opportunity for venture investors. Now, we only need for you to invest in us. 

    Also, a lot has changed since I pitched you way back when--


    PRSONAS technology has morphed from holographic devices (like Angie in the photo) to our REAL Time Engine software that delivers PRSONAS digital hosts across augmented and virtual reality environments.  You only have to check out at Amazon's Sumerian digital hosts, or the recent RollingStone article on the much-hyped MagicLeap, to know that digital hosts in AR / VR are about to become HUGE players in our lives.  

    And PRSONAS is perfectly positioned to take advantage of that explosion.

    Finally, you’ve always been a bit of a West Coast maverick, Mark

    After all, everyone else is up North.  But you've stayed away from the rarefied air of Silicon Valley--choosing to champion the LA tech community instead. 

    So, champion NC, Mark.  Send us an invitation.   I'd be delighted to represent North Carolina's vibrant startup community and the American Underground at this month's Upfront Summit.  I'm a fast packer--just give me a call.  

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