by David Rose on Jan 9, 2018 7:22:00 AM

    It really helps to have a guide.  Whether you're visiting Italy's most popular museum, the Uffizi (with 45 halls and up to 10 thousand visitors a day), or visiting a local healthcare facility; having a HOST really helps.  Guided experiences save time, reduce frustration, and generally make for superior interactions.   

    Have you ever tried an AR or VR experience and had no idea what to do or where to go? A host for those experiences would be helpful, right? That’s why digital hosts are the killer app for AR & VR. Intelligent digital hosts can help users in AR and VR experiences sift through a myriad of options and navigate complicated 3D spaces and scenarios. 

    Take tech giant Amazon, for example.  Recently, the world's largest retailer and major cloud services provider launched Sumerian, an easy to operate set of tools that allows anyone to create high-quality AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) experiences.  And, digital hosts are one of the key features of Amazon’s Sumerian platform.


    Sumerian allows you to create 3D digital hosts which narrate and guide users through AR & VR experiences. Their digital hosts speak a variety of languages and can converse with users.

    Talk about power to the people--

    As Sumerian takes off, expect to see more and more digital hosts coming to a screen near you.  They raise ordinary AR & VR experiences to another level, making personal interactions more lifelike and interactive.  That's something we've known at PRSONAS for a long time. Last year we launched our PRSONAS Real Time Engine, freeing our intelligent and lifelike digital hosts to move across all devices.   

    Here's another recent example of Industry affirmation:  MagicLeap, the secretive AR startup that has raised over 1 Billion from Google, Qualcomm, and Andreessen Horowitz was just written up in RollingStone Magazine.  The writer who encountered one of their digital hosts was totally blown away.

    She walked up to me, stopping a few feet away, to stand nearby. The level of detail was impressive, though I wouldn’t mistake her for a real person, there was something about her luminescence, her design, that gave her away. While she didn’t talk or react to what I was saying, she has the ability to. Instead, Miller had her on manual control, running her face through a series of emotions: smiling, angry, disgusted. I noticed that when I moved or looked around, her eyes tracked mine. The cameras inside the Lightwear was feeding her data so she could maintain eye contact. It was a little unnerving and I found myself breaking eye contact eventually, to avoid being rude.

    He concludes by looking toward the future of digital hosts:

    One day, this human construct will be your Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, OK Google, but she won’t just be a disembodied voice, she will walk with you, look to you, deliver AI-powered, embodied assistance.

    As we look toward a new year, it's great to see our core product gaining market traction.  Yes RollingStone, intelligent and lifelike digital hosts are cutting edge, tech sexy, and the killer app for AR & VR!  2018 promises to bring great things!

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