Different Ways To Use Virtual Reality at Your Trade Show

    by Nick Rockafellow on May 23, 2018 12:00:00 PM

    You have decided to use Virtual Reality (VR) at your trade show booth but are wondering what is the best way to implement the technology to set you apart from the competition. VR is able to immerse the user into a new environment complete with interactive features. Anyone who has ever experienced virtual reality knows how unique and impactful the experience can be, but the question remains. How can you use virtual reality at your trade show booth? Here are just four ways you can use virtual reality at your trade show booth.

    1. Attract Attendees to Your Booth

    First and foremost, Virtual Reality experiences are fun! Whether it’s riding a virtual rollercoaster in outer space or being able to interact with an incredibly intricate mechanical product, every experience in virtual reality is fun. It’s this nature of fun and excitement that creates a sense of intrigue and will drive individuals to your booth.

    2. Product Demonstration

    Product demos at trade shows can be tricky. Sometimes you can’t transport your entire product line to the show, and television screens and brochures can give details but can’t capture the true scale and complexity of your product. Enter Virtual Reality product demonstrations. VR can show your product to scale in a realistic environment complete with detailed facts and information.

    3. Booth Engagement

    Unfortunately, you can’t turn off all the sounds and distractions of a trade show. Attendees can get distracted, remember other parts of their day, and eventually, leave your booth for another task. Virtual reality experiences are able to shut out those distractions while conveying valuable information in the form of games or product demonstrations like we talked about above.

    4. Take Home Mobile App

    Virtual reality experiences can be created in the form of a mobile application. These applications have several benefits, one of which is your app stays on your booth attendee's phone after they leave your booth and trade show. Staying on their phone allows your experience to continually impact the attendee as you can send them notifications and even let the user view the VR experience as many times as they want.

    These are just four ways that Virtual Reality is able to impact your booth. Are you ready to make your booth the talk of your next trade show with Virtual Reality?

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