Different types of Virtual Reality at Live Events

    by Nick Rockafellow on Jan 9, 2018 10:38:30 AM

    Virtual Reality burst onto the scene last year with much fanfare and possibilities. One of the first, and arguably still the best, implementations of the technology was for live events. Nestled in-between gaming and business, virtual reality is able to transport the viewer to entirely new worlds and experiences. With this ability, the applications for virtual reality at live events are almost endless! Below are just three examples of how the technology can be used at any live event.

    Virtual Reality Feeds

    By far the most common use of virtual reality at live events is to stream the event itself. The benefits are numerous, and a bit obvious, but need to be mentioned none the less. The experience of attending a game first hand can never be duplicated. While television and streamed videos have been able to show the event, they continue to come up short because they are unable to truly immerse the individual in the event. This is where virtual reality is able to prevail. By transporting the individual to the event in a virtual setting, extra information, ads, and experiences can be uploaded to make the event truly memorable.

    Virtual Reality for Live Events


    Remember the last music festival you attended. More than likely, a few companies were advertising their products or services in some type of capacity. Most people don’t even remember if these advertisements exist! Why? Because the promotional experience has to be close to as captivating as the actual concert. Pamphlets, brochures, and other traditional marketing materials can never stand up to the excitement of a live show. Virtual Reality is a different story! By transporting the viewer to a completely new experience and providing a fun, engaging atmosphere, Virtual Reality is able to match the excitement of a live event! Music festivals aren’t the only live events where the promotional use of VR has proven effective. Companies have been able to connect with potential customers at tradeshows, conferences, sporting events, and more!


    Getting a few dozen individuals to understand and focus on a complex idea can be challenging. Getting a few hundred or thousands of individuals to understand or focus on a complex idea can be nearly impossible! Images and videos can help a presenter, but only virtual reality can truly immerse an individual in a complex concept and allow the viewer to interact in a unique, memorable way. In previous years, Virtual Reality wouldn’t have been a viable solution because of the cost of the headsets. Now, incredible cheap options like Google Cardboard exist that can satisfy the needs of extremely large groups!

    Virtual Reality for Live EventsSource: Maurizio Pesce

    Although we highlighted only three of the ways that Virtual Reality is transforming live events, the possibilities are almost endless! Trade shows, music festivals, professional basketball games, and more events are already starting to incorporate virtual reality into their offerings. Couple the decrease in the cost of development and VR viewers with the increase in knowledge of the technology by the general public and you have a perfect combination for the technology to increase its presence in the next year!

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