Erica Heads to the Great White North!

    by Raymond Winters on Mar 18, 2019 5:41:49 PM

    Here's a riddle for you!

    What do you get when you teach IBM's Watson, Microsoft's Cognitive Services and the most advanced digital personality engine to become a way-finding powerhouse for commercial office and retail real-estate properties?


    Erica . . . the Electronic Reality Intelligent Concierge Assistant

    That's what!


    nuMedia is ecstatic to announce that our latest full voice interface holographic character has gone live in Toronto, Ontario. With more than 2000 interactions in the first week alone, this is our latest unit that combines several world class cloud technologies and advanced gaming technologies for an intelligent user experience second to none! The initial delivery has been performing well and she currently speaks English and French, with Spanish and American Sign Language to go live in April. Daphne provides way-finding services for both on and off property locations and can even help if you are hungry.
    This is a very exciting time for both nuMedia™ and our Intelligent Reality™ platform as we begin to break new ground on exciting technologies. Working in partnership with Microsoft, IBM and others, the new language parsing can provide intelligent responses to a wide variety of questions about the property and the surrounding area in a surprisingly short time. Looking for Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto? She’s got your back! Daphne can send you to any on property retailer or office and she can even point you to the nearest refreshments, entertainment and  still provide  directions to the nearest airport. Set up at the Metro Centre in downtown Toronto, Daphne is making a bigger splash than expected. As she learns more, the responses are improving and the intelligence behind the installation is better able to provide accurate messages, we have even got her trying to be funny on more than one occasion! We admit, there were start up issues, but with a little training and patience, Daphne and her siblings will be able to serve up information and help services for just about any company and service.

    Keep an eye open for more on nuMedia’s Intelligent Reality™ platform!

    You never know what is coming next!

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