The Customer Experience, Miss Manners, & Holograms

    by David Rose on May 15, 2018 2:48:08 PM

    You just got a big slap on the wrist, corporate America. In a recent column, the long-running columnist, author and internationally recognized etiquette authority, Miss Manners, called you out for NOT finishing what you start.

    Her essay, The Customer Experience is too often a Bad One (Nov.6, 2016), (which appeared in more than 200 major newspapers), accuses the minds behind the majority of business/customer interactions of NEVER following through by verifying the results.

    Consumers are frustrated, angry, isolated. Even prim and proper Miss Manners is ready to get RUDE.

    We couldn't agree more.

    At PRSONAS, our company was founded on the premise of POSITIVE customer experiences in the real world. To put it simply, we put the END-USER first.

    So Miss Manners, we're with you 100%!

    We begin building each of our super-smart, interactive holograms in a very low tech way--standing in the shoes of the customer and asking ourselves and our clients: What is it THEY want? What is the customers looking for from this interaction? How do they like to communicate? What language? Would they rather speak, text, type, sign or watch a video?

    Our units let the customer self-select at their own pace, just like you would on your home computer. No waiting, no frustration, and no misdirection on due to faulty company systems.

    And we follow through, continually verifying our results. Analytics from each interaction provide instant and very useful feedback, allow clients to check preferences and polish the message/experience further. Script changes can often be made on site, or from half a world away.

    It's nimble. It's unique. And its time has come.

    So thank you, Miss Manners, for calling them out.   Yes, nerves are shot. Stores, malls, airports (etc.) are crowded. Tempers are flaring. Frustration is in the air. It's great to see you put your foot down. And PRSONAS has your back.


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