Collaborative Virtual Reality Environment

    by Nick Rockafellow on Mar 13, 2018 10:00:00 AM

    “Virtual Reality (VR) is here”! Although several evangelists of the technology have been shouting this from the rooftop, many people have never even experienced a VR experience, let alone use the technology for their daily lives. Most people who have used VR before, have only used in a gaming format. Even though gaming may be the most popular use case of the technology, the enterprise applications of VR are enormous! While experts see the potential in Virtual Reality, they also understand that the technology needs a “killer use case” to ignite mass adoptions. Many people have different opinions, but we believe this “killer use case” will be collaborative Virtual Reality environments!

    What is Virtual Reality Collaborative Environment?

    A collaborative virtual reality environment, like our nuReality platform, is a virtual environment in which several different individuals can view the same screen, image, design, or layout while generating input and making alterations to the file. Generally, the goal of these types of environments is to generate more collaboration between individuals in different physical locations without having to stop or deal with traditional collaborative roadblocks.

    Who can use a VR Collaborative Environment?

    Virtual Reality Collaborative Environments sound interesting, but who can benefit from these? This innovative type of working environment isn’t able to only affect and change the way a few professionals collaborate. Below are just a few professions which can benefit greatly from the ability to collaborate instantaneously while viewing the same document, layout, or other image regardless of their physical location.

    • Architects
    • Scientists
    • Data Visualization Specialists
    • Event Managers
    • Industrial Engineers
    • Artists
    • Tradeshow Managers
    • Interior Designers
    • Doctors
    • Engineers
    • Researchers
    • Creative Designers
    • Marketers


    Why will VR Collaborative Environments be effective:

    Streamlines the collaboration process

    Collaboration methods such as Email can be effective to collaborate on simple ideas that can be communicated via a few sentences, but they lack the ability collaborate in real time over complex ideas and designs such as 3D layouts and documents. With a virtual reality environment, individuals located in several different locations can simply put on a headset and view the same environment or design all while generating markups and highlights.

    Simple Setup

    How do you set up a VR collaborative system? Hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware costs, screens, and several rooms dedicated to the technology? Not at all! The majority of systems don’t need a long install or setup time. For the software, most environments only need someone to log into a platform in order to upload their documents and start working. For the hardware, a few headsets with controllers are the only requirements needed to begin working.

    Doesn’t stop the creative process

    For individuals working in a creative capacity, sending off their designs, wording, or work for review stops their creative process. To get back into the creative mindset and back to work on projects that were sent off can be difficult and take up time and money. Virtual Reality alleviates this problem for two reasons. 1) By having everyone in the same virtual room, notes and marks can be added in real time which allow for the creative individual to see the information in real time and stay in the creative mind. 2) VR collaborative environments can see different formats of creative accomplishments such as designs, layouts, documents, and more. With all these different types of formats, any non technical and technical person can see the same value in something and provide feedback instantaneously.

    We went over just a few of the benefits to using VR collaborative environments, but the list is much more extensive! With dozens of industries and various types of jobs able to be improved by the technology, expect to see VR collaborative environments like our nuReality become more and more widespread and adopted. The real question is, when will you start using the technology!?

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