3 Super Powers for CGI Character Holograms

    by David Rose on May 17, 2017 3:51:00 PM


    Like a lot of animated characters, she has super powers. But before you start thinking Supergirl and The Fantastic Four, let me assure you--the latest PRSONAS CGI character holograms have powers that are REAL. Our new characters can do things humans, even our super-smart, super-realistic, human-like holograms cannot.

    Super Power #1)   With the new PRSONAS CGI character holograms, brands can build images and personalities that don't exist in the real world. Why? Because those outside-the-box images can express emotion and interest in exaggerated ways.   Raised eyebrows, big-eyed winks--CGI character holograms can be built with personality PLUS. They are totally unfettered by realistic constraints.

    And we've grown up with this type of character. From the GEICO Gecko to the inhabitants of our Xboxes, we enjoy stepping away from the real world at times.

    Super Power #2) Our CGI character holograms can turn on a dime--make that a key stroke. Scripts, wardrobe colors, responses and content--changes are NOT a problem. PRSONAS CGI characters can be reprogrammed and reanimated from across the country or right on the spot which means clients have ultimate flexibility.

    The flip side of the coin, creating a human character hologram, requires a video shoot for script change.   Studios, crew calls, matching continuity from hair to clothing. Been there. Done that. Don't want to do it again unless I absolutely must.

    Super Power #3) Defeats the Uncanny Valley. How real is too real? Ask PRSONAS Chief Innovation Officer, Chuck Rinker.   Chuck spends a lot of time thinking about a place called the uncanny valley. In fact, he did this video and blog about it last year.

    The bottom line for us non-technical types is this--if holograms get too real, they can be creepy. They fool us into thinking they are human, but not quite. The micro-expressions we humans excel at just aren't there. Sometimes a step back from that edge is in order. A less-realistic, animated character fits the bill.

    Finally, before we leave the subject of super powers, let's not forget the amazing abilities all PRSONAS CGI character holograms possess. Our units have the unique ability to cut through the noise and capture attention; create engagements and interactions, and collect powerful web-like analytics--all where no marketing has gone before--the physical world.

    Welcome to uncharted territory.



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