Bringing Waterfalls to the Desert

    by Raymond Winters on May 9, 2017 10:10:22 AM

    In the latest installment of Interactive Interiors we are taking a look at a phenomenal feature that was designed, built and installed by nuMedia Innovations. This installation features the latest in LED technology, in the form of flexible LED panels and integrated "rain glass" to create the illusion of an 18-feet tall waterfall. From the original design to the final installation, you can see all of the hard work that went into the implementation of this fantastic interior design.

     The Original Plans

    The original plans were actually drawn up some seven years ago. Talk about detail!


     Needless to say the technology changed in the intervening years, so a new design was implemented. Here we see the rough sketch of the superstructure detail:


    And here was one of the pre-vis renders so the client could get an idea of what the final product might resemble:

    Conceptual Render.png

    So after much back and forth, the plans and designs are finalized and we are ready to go! Now for the fun! After dealing with all of the logisitics required for putting together such a display, it was time to get busy staging the technology for testing before shipping out to the Mojave Desert.


    In the mad rush to fix "things" take your time, even if you are running out. We have learned that lesson through hard experience and we never ship any new technology without fully staging the complete system. Finally we shipped the gear, bought our plane tickets and headed off to the desert to install this monster at the Fort Irwin Army Hospital!
    So when everything arrived we were greeted with a little bit of shipping damage, but the crew quick repaired everything and we set of to work:


    The amazing construction team from Turner had everything ready to go. All we had to do was get it in and fire it up... Well, that was the plan anyway: 


    So in goes the very first of the 74 inch superstructure segments!


    So a couple of days later, we are still making great progress with an unbeatable team!


    Once the superstructure was in place, it was time to pull wires and install power supplies.


    Manny got stuck on Speaker duty. But he knocked it out in about 1/2 the time alotted!


    Once all the wiring was done, and I can tell you that no one likes to pull wire through conduit, it was time to start placing the panels.


    It was not long before it was time to fire up the system and start making adjustments. Here is Dane on a lift making everything just right... and you get an idea of the scope of the build:

    After 4 days, we finally had a finished column! It was quite the sight to see!


    Hope you had fun seeing nuMedia in action! We certainly had fun building a Waterfall in the Desert!

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