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Crossing the Uncanny Valley… or not

For those of you that have been following us for a while, you have no doubt seen several of us mention something called “The Uncanny Valley”. We recently received an email from a client that asked the basic question “What is the Uncanny Valley” and why is it important to you? So, let’s dig in and discuss what the term means and why it has been such a challenge in the world of digital personalities.

First, let’s start with the text book definition. In aesthetics, the uncanny valley is a relationship between the degree of an object's resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to such an object. The concept of the uncanny valley suggests humanoid objects which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit uncanny, or strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers. Valley denotes a dip in the human observer's affinity for the replica, a relation that otherwise increases with the replica's human likeness.

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Cutting the Cord. nuMedia Goes Wireless with VR!

FINALLY, good news on the VR front, but first let’s take a look at the old way of doing things! So you are crawling through your favorite VR Dungeon game when, suddenly, out of the shadows a troop of skeletons ambushes you. With a swing of your mighty sword, you quickly dispatch the first attacker. He goes as down in a clanking and clunking pile of bones, as does the second, and the third that approached from behind. You see a fourth moving towards you and you raise your weapon for a powerful swing. Then with a crash and a jerk your VR headset is ripped off your head and the interface box is flying across the room, and you suddenly realize that your controller caught the cable to the headset and that mighty swing ripped the goggles right off of your head! Horrible, I know, but it has happened many times, some with disastrous ends.

But fear not VR adventurers, nuMedia is leveraging exciting new technology that is coming soon to the US markets! Just announced, TPCast will soon be offering a wireless adapter for the the Oculus Rift, and nuMedia already has the technology in hand! As many of you already know, nuMedia Innovations and nuMedia Medical have been developing new software for information, training, visualization and collaborative design and we are very exciting to be breaking the chains on our VR productions!

The current high-end VR headsets are driven by a cable transmitting the video, voice, data, and power utilizing HDMI, USB, and power connectors. With the new TPCAST, Oculus Rift users will be able to enjoy a wireless VR experience, as they roam around freely and play games, while preserving the same high quality as a standard wired connection. TPCAST’s wireless support for the Oculus Rift Head-Mounted Display will allow the North American users to experience real freedom – the freedom to explore a beautiful scene, to turn 360 degrees, jump, and even flip without impediment.

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There’s More to the VR Experience than What You See

Over the last two years, we have all witnessed the rise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as technological tools, used for training, entertainment, and much more. These visual media have a tremendous impact on how we perceive the world, both “actual” and digital. But even these powerful visual media fall flat without one very powerful sensory input, sound. Since “talkies” replaced silent film, producers of media have understood that sound creates as many, or even more, cues than visual media. Whether we are talking about traditional film, television, or the new media of virtual reality, without strong audio production, none of these visual media would hold our collective attention for very long. The question we seek to answer is “why is sound so important to a VR scene?” To that end, let’s examine some reasons human rely on this “secondary” sensory input to create convincing new “realities”. (I know the sarcasm of the use of the term “secondary” does not come across in writing, but trust me, it is there!)

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Is your trade show display technology holding you back?

By now, most of us have heard “every company is a tech company,” or “every business is a digital business.” While sounding like a truism, it is a fact. Technology is no longer a commodity or service, it is at the core of every business.

Digital transformation has major implications for every business and industry, from startup to Fortune 500, but those who rely on outdated technology risk being disrupted. In this article, we discuss what is key to enabling digital transformation for your trade shows – and the transformation is so critical. Are you disrupting, or are you being disrupted?

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Bringing Waterfalls to the Desert

In the latest installment of Interactive Interiors we are taking a look at a phenomenal feature that was designed, built and installed by nuMedia Innovations. This installation features the latest in LED technology, in the form of flexible LED panels and integrated "rain glass" to create the illusion of an 18-feet tall waterfall. From the original design to the final installation, you can see all of the hard work that went into the implementation of this fantastic interior design.

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What is an Interactive Interior?

Over the last decade or so, we have been witness to phenomenal change in the way we work, play, and live. Technology has impacted workflows in fundamental ways, right down to the way companies design and implement working environments, and even the way we live and play at home. So, let’s take a look at the notion of “Interactive Interiors” and exactly what it is and what it means to companies and individuals that are embracing this new and very exciting concept.

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Tradeshow Tech Upgrades Part 1

People love tech. If you need any evidence, look around at all the people with their eyes locked on their hand-held devices. So why is it that booths at tradeshows are still using dumb screens? Simply looping a video, no matter how engaging the video, is boring… ahem…BORING! Seriously, why even bother when every single booth at the show has a video screen of some size, playing an “attractor” loop that eventually bores the booth attendants to tears and communicates only one direct message. Yes, of course you can add more videos with even more messaging, but how effective is that really? Do you get a need lead? Do you know the demographics of the people that have shown the most interest? How did the viewer react to the information that was provided in the content? If you cannot answer these questions, then you’re doing it wrong. Sorry for the cold water in the face, but you are not maximizing your return on investment if you cannot provide simple concise answers to these very basic questions.

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Maximizing Your Trade Show ROI (Part One)

We have all read the articles about how to add technology to your trade show booth and dis-plays:  Add a monitor (yawn), add a phone charging station (how does this help you?), add a display case (how original), add “digital literature” (boring!). The truth is adding technology is easy, but adding the right technology is a very different story.

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Don't Forget Your Space!

I am willing to bet  that most of our readers are familiar with all the exciting new buzzwords for the work place. Words like “gamification”, “employee engagement”, “team building” … and the list goes on and on. Basically, an entirely new industry has arisen as an attempt to raise productivity and stimulate the innovative nature of employees. There is a good reason for this new business place innovation.

According to the best available information for the year 2015, more the 70% of employees are dissatisfied and uncommitted to their work. More than $300 Billion dollars in productivity is lost each year to disengaged employees and nearly 40% of new hires leave their job due to poor initial training and job dissatisfaction.

These numbers are staggering, so it is easy to understand how and why these new concepts are gaining traction in industries across all sectors of the markets. But there is more to engagement and happiness than software and “trust falls” and that seemingly forgotten component is the environment in which people find themselves working.

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8 Crazy Products that Made Millions

  • Let’s face it, there are some seriously bizarre products out in the market today! Following up on our previous blog, let’s take a look at some products that exemplify just how profitable some crazy ideas can be. Now I am not saying that every crazy notion will make for a great product. In fact, I am not sure why some of these were so popular in the first place. At nuMedia we thrive on creative ideas and some of them can get pretty ridiculous, but we always listen to even the most outlandish notions, and we would like to hear some of yours, so make sure to check out the “Idea Box” at the end of the article!!!

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