Augmented Reality Is Changing The Ways Brands Connect With Customers

    by Nick Rockafellow on Jun 21, 2018 3:09:35 PM

    In the evolving landscape of costumer acquisition and brand experience, companies are continuing to turn to new, emerging technology to attract customers. Enter augmented reality (AR)! The same technology that helped propel Pokémon Go to hundreds of millions of downloads is also helping brands connect to millions of potential and current customers. AR is able to make this connection because of several different and exciting factors that brands can and will continue to leverage.

    Multiple Avenues To Connect

    Almost everyone uses Pokémon Go as the example of an augmented reality implementation (I even used it above). Because the game was a mobile application, most people believe that augmented reality can only be deployed through a mobile app. This couldn’t be further from the truth! AR mirrors, like our nuReflection, can dot the inside of stores and dressing rooms, while AR touchscreens can be incorporated in public places to draw attention to a brand before a customer even walks in the door!


    Customers Are Already Accustomed To Traditional Methods

    Remember the last time you went on Facebook? While scrolling down your feed, you saw several different ads. How many do you remember? If you are like the most individuals, you probably can’t remember the vast majority of ads you see online or in traditional marketing avenues. That’s bad news for brands. Since augmented reality is still a relatively new concept to the average consumer, customers are not accustomed to the experiences which makes them much more memorable.

    Can Create a true emotional connection with the viewer

    Personally, those commercials about dogs in a shelter waiting to be rescued always pull at my heart, but they are not as impactful as actually visiting an animal shelter. There is an emotional gap that exists between simply seeing an impactful message on television and actually seeing the situation or product in real life. Augmented reality allows brands to bridge this emotional gap by transporting their product or experience directly to the user. The Red Cross implemented AR to transport users to a war torn area to create an emotional connection with their mission.

    Cuts down on distractions

    To view an augmented reality image, you have to use a device specifically tailored or built for that function. This allows for users to focus on the experience, but it also allows for brands to interact with users completely void of distractions. No more dog pictures on Facebook to distract from a company’s ad, no more exterior sounds and other things going on to distract from a television commercial, and no more flashing ads on the sides of websites to distract from an article. Of course, no experience is completely void of distractions, but augmented reality is able to greatly cut down on the distractions that come with traditional marketing methods.

    Augmented Reality furnitureSource: Oyundari Zorigtbaatar

    Wow Factor

    After all is said and done, augmented reality experiences are fun! Whether it’s chasing after Pokémon or virtually placing furniture in your house or office, AR experiences are known to elicit a WOW! Although the technology has been used by millions of people around the world, it is still new and can be used in a variety of ways that the majority of consumers have never seen before. This never before seen factor coupled with the flexibility to implement the technology in a variety of ways makes for that wow factor.

    Augmented Reality Image-1Source: antjeverena

    Final Thoughts

    Let’s combine it all. Augmented reality gives brands a new avenue to create a wow factor for consumers without distractions while potentially connecting with them on an emotional level. I don’t think it can get any better than that! From fortune 500 companies to mom and pop stores, augmented reality is able to connect on a new level with customers!

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