6 Ways to Use Mobile Devices With Interactive Holograms

    by David Rose on Oct 20, 2015 3:04:00 PM

    So I'm sitting in an airport thinking about Mobility. Which, I'll admit is sort of obvious, since almost every man, woman and child in this major American transportation hub is enjoying serious face time with their phone or mobile device.

    Texting. Emailing. Shopping. Reading. Playing. Streaming. Binge watching. Even working.  What can't a phone do for us these days--

    So why not combine those ever-present mobile devices with our product--a super-smart, self-service, interactive PRSONAS hologram?

    From dinosaurs to historical figures to rodeo champions, our units are lightening rods for delivering great interactive user experiences.  Here are 6 ways to use mobile devices with interactive holograms that can enhance the end user experience:

    1. Text Notifications–Alert employees when they have a visitor in the lobby  PRSONAS units make great virtual Receptionists.
    2. Digital CouponingDeliver text or SMS based coupons to in-store customers. Shopping is hard enough without managing a lot of paper and data. A PRSONAS hologram can send the offers your customers want at that moment, delivered on-site in the physical world.  We have the potential to be your best product specialists.
    3. Digital Media DeliveryDeliver text or SMS based mobile downloads of apps, games, or other digital media assets.
    4. Product InformationSend text or SMS product information PDF to customers, in-store or at busy trade shows.  No more bags of brochures or business cards that end up in the trash.
    5. Digital SurveysOur PRSONAS units excel at  knowing your customers.  Use mobility to text / SMS digital surveys to better learn their interests and preferences and gain market insight.
    6. GamificationEngage customers with a mobile based interactive game delivered by PRSONAS via text and tied to the PRSONAS user experience.

    From entertainment for gamers to coupons for shoppers, our units have great mobility potential.  PROSONAS Self Service, Interactive Holograms.  What can we do for you?


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