5 Trade Show Technologies to Set You Apart from the Competition

    by Nick Rockafellow on Mar 22, 2018, 12:10:49 PM

    Whether you are exhibiting at a tradeshow for 100 people or a million attendees, attracting as many of the right attendees as possible to your booth is always the goal. The age of digital transformation and innovation has made accomplishing this goal easier, but there are some new challenges along the way. While attendees are attracted by flashy technology, they also have become accustomed to seeing certain types of technology implemented by almost every booth. (Think video displays and games). For companies to stand out, they need to use the right emerging technology for the job! Below are 5 types of technology that will set apart any tradeshow booth from the competition!

    1. Augmented Reality

    The technology that thrilled the world with Pokémon Go is becoming more and more popular for trade show booths! Augmented reality is able to layer digital images over the real world and be viewed by a variety of devices – mirrors, phones, tablets, etc. Since the experiences can be triggered by a small image or location, intricate experiences and messages can be communicated without occupying valuable square footage at a booth.

    Augmented Reality at Trade Shows

    2. Virtual Reality

    Nothing is able to tell a story better than Virtual Reality (VR). The technology is able to transport the viewer to a completely new worlds and create customized experiences, whether that be a computer-generated world, 360 videos, or a gaming experience. With the ability to be completely customized and entertain, Virtual reality provides a new and engaging option for trade show attendees familiar with the traditional video screen or colorful images used.

    Virtual Reality at Trade Shows

    3. Facial Recognition

    Facial recognition sounds like a futuristic idea, but it can be implemented today! A specialized sensor is equipped to a screen and presto! You have a screen complete with facial recognition. Ok, it is a little more complicated than that, but not much! The technology is able to determine when someone is happy, receptive, or unreceptive to your message and change the messaging appropriately. It can also determine the demographic characteristics of the individuals viewing your content, with over 93% accuracy. All of this information can be collected and analyzed to help managers make more informed decisions for future shows.

    Facial Recognition at Trade Show

    4. Interactive Walls and Screens

    Let’s be honest, everyone uses some kind of video or display screen to convey their message. Most trade show attendees can walk past these devices without a second thought. What about a wall that is triggered when individuals walk past or delivers a message or graphics to an individual? Not so easy to ignore! These walls and screens allow attendees to actually interact with the messaging which makes them much more engaging and effective in a sea of similar products.

    Touch Screens at Trade ShowsCC BY 2.0   by  Doug Kline

    5. Games

    If you can make attendees excited about your trade show booth then you will win your next show. Games are one easy way to accomplish this! We have all seen some type of variation of trade show games from simple Wheel-of-Fortune type games to large, extravagant app-based scavenger hunts. Whether it’s promoting a product or generating general interest at the show, games will continue to be used as effective tactics to help any booth stand out from the competition.

    Trade Show Games

    All of these technologies have been proven to be effective to attract attendees at trade shows. But they have another great side effects. Attendees remember these methods and the messages they convey after the trade shows are over. Do you think technology such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Interactive Screens will be affective at your trade show? Think they won’t make any difference? Reach out to our experts to let us know or leave us a comment below!

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