5 Reasons to Use Projection Mapping

    by Nick Rockafellow on Feb 17, 2017 10:32:35 AM

    If you have ever been to Disney World and watched the buildings light up with wonderful colors or seen an NBA court appear to fall apart, then you have witnessed projection mapping in action. This technology uses projectors to transform any object into a display surface for incredible brand experiences. You may be asking why your company should use projection mapping compared to other forms of marketing. Here are just five reasons why you should consider using projection mapping!

    1. Don't Need a Flat Surface 

    Pointy Projection Mapped.jpgMarketers don’t need to be confined anymore! While most display technology like LED screens need a flat surface, projection mapping can be cast onto almost any type of surface. Companies can focus on what they want to project instead of altering their decisions based on the type of surface. Everything from the Sidney Opera House to a hospital CT scanner can be used as the surface for a projection (check out a mapped projection we did on a CT scanner to put patients at ease). With this flexibility, companies can deliver a much better experience for their customers.

    2. 3D Images

    Basketball Halfcourt.jpgProjection mapping goes beyond projecting a simple image onto a surface. The projectors have the capability to create 3D images and videos. By projecting a 3D images instead of a 2D image, a company can enhance a surface instead of simply distorting it. We have all seen the benefits of this when watching an NBA half time show. The court can appear to collapse, show videos, interact with anyone standing on them, transport the arena to another location, and more! These incredibly engaging experiences are only possible because of the 3D capability of the projectors.

    3. Portable

    Projector Image.jpgCompared to large LED panels which can be heavy and hard to move, the projectors needed to create a mapped projection are easily portable. Why does this matter? If your company is putting on an event or advertising in multiple cities, then bringing the materials to each location is always an incredible burden. Any size company can easily and safely transport a few projectors to their next event. Transportation isn’t the only benefit of the projectors being small and lightweight. When you discover that a traditional display system you just installed at a facility or event would look better on another wall or area, the contractors must come back and stick you with another bill. What happens when you want to move a projector to a better location? You simply pick them up and start walking!

    4. Continual Use

    We have all been to a theme night at a professional sports game. Whether they want to celebrate a momentous event in their history or honor one of their best players, the team creates thousands of different props, advertisements, and displays. But what happens after the game when they don’t need these marketing and advertising materials anymore? The team can place all their props into storage and hope they are useful one day, sell it for a fraction of the cost, or simply throw them away. With projection mapping, a company doesn’t have to buy a new projector each time they want to update their material. Instead, the content can be changed for each new purpose and installed into the same projectors. Say goodbye to the days of purchasing cool advertising items that can only be used once!

    5. Wow Factor

    If you turn on your television, you see ads. If you drive down the road, you see ads. If you open Facebook, you see ads. Everywhere you look, you see ads! In this market, how can you differentiate your offering from everyone else? Marketers and companies need something to get the attention of customers. They need a wow factor! Just look at some of the photos in this blog. Projection mapping definitely delivers that wow factor

    Star Wars Projection-1.jpg

    We went over just five of the reasons to use projection mapping. Whether at a facility or event, projection mapping will set you apart from the competition. The only question left is, what cool ideas can you come up with to create incredible brand experiences? 

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