5 High Profile Placements for Interactive Holograms: LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.

    by David Rose on Apr 28, 2017 9:29:00 AM

     1)  Retail Stores:  Register customers, promote new products  and build your brand in unique and memorable ways -- PRSONAS holograms bring the ease of online shopping into brick and mortar retail.

    Our self-selecting units have sold everything from high-end cars to computer software, augmenting human team member efforts. 

    Click the short video below to see what MICROSOFT store customers had to say about the PRSONAS experience.

     2)  Entertainment and Cultural Venues:  We create terrific photo ops--just ask the Seattle Mariners mascot, or the holographic dinosaur PRSONAS built for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

    But beyond the eye candy and family fun,  these holograms are doing the serious work of brand building.  Fan registration, photo sharing and reporting of vital customer analytics are some of the most valuable tasks.

    The dinosaur even takes credit card donations that keep this public museum's  doors open. 

    Dinosaur Hologram.png

    3) Confusing Crossroads:  As I write this, 3 PRSONAS units are working around the clock in Las Vegas'  busy McCarran Airport. 

    Alerted to approaching passengers by motion sensors, the units ask travelers to check their tickets and make sure they're getting on the right train to baggage claim.  

    Less confusion and happier travelers--the project is a big success! 

    4) The Front Lobby:  Virtual receptionists are among our most popular hologram projects. Motion sensors allow the PRSONAS to greet visitors first -- making the lobby welcoming again.   

    The rest of the steps are easy.  Visitors are given choices from which they can quickly self select. If you have an appointment, the unit will text the person you've come to see. 

    Deliveries can be signed in and directed, applications filled out. Welcoming, efficient, memorable.

    Here, see for yourself:

     5) Meet and Greets:  Can't take your CEO or celebrity spokesperson to a big sales or client meeting, convention or trade show?  We can make it happen with  a life-like PRSONAS hologram.   From visionary founders, to rodeo champions, to hip, young software entrepreneurs --we've created a cast of holographic characters that engage, entertain and build brands. 

    Take a look at the example below and ask yourself--what can PRSONAS do for you?  

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