5 Easy Steps to Experience our Holograms from Your Phone with this Augmented Reality Demo (VIDEO)

    by David Rose on May 19, 2017 8:00:00 AM

    Curious about our self-service holograms? Want to see how our holograms engage from the palm of your hand? 

    You're in luck. We have created an augmented reality demo to satisfy your curiosity. 

    You are 5 steps away from your hologram experience using your mobile device.


    Take a minute to see how here:




    Skip the video and get right to it!

    Step 1. Click here to download the PRSONAS product one-sheet and print it out. (Yes, in this case you have to go old school to experience new school.)

    Step 2. Install the iOS or Android App from the browser on your mobile device by visiting www.prsonas.com/demo

    Step 3. (iOS users) Go to Settings > General > Device Management, Select PRSONAS, click “Trust PRSONAS” (It's cool.

    Step 4. Open the PRSONAS AR App, lay the product one-sheet flat and align the onscreen image with the one-sheet.

    Step 5. Enjoy the PRSONAS Augmented Reality demo experience!

    A few of notes to ensure the demo works seamlessly for you:

    • The augmented reality hologram demo is available in two sizes (“Life Size” & “Desktop Size”) as indicated in the upper right hand side on each side of the one-sheet.
    • For best viewing results please keep your mobile device pointed at the product one-sheet and minimize movement.
    • You must have iOS version 8 or newer or Andriod 4.03 or newer in order for the demo to work.


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