10 Amazing Mapped Projection Projects

    by Raymond Winters on Jul 28, 2016 10:46:50 AM

    What do disembodied heads, 5 singing busts and Madame Leota all have in common? You’re probably wondering what this has to do with mapped projections. In 1969 Disneyland created the first known mapped projections onto a non-flat surface. These objects, or lack thereof, were all projected in Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction and though primitive by today’s standards, these displays opened the door for exciting things to come. Fast forward to today…   


     Mapped projections have since evolved and allow you to transform anything into a screen, meaning your company can connect with your audience in a much more effective way. Now that you have seen the first, take a look at today’s newest mapped projections and technology that will transform the future. Here are our 10 favorite mapped projections.

    Bot and Dolly Box: Projection mapping and robotics combine to create this mind blowing short film.




     O2’s Wear the Rose:Watch the world’s largest projection mapping project help celebrate the 2015 Rugby World Cup. With 68 projectors and more than 144 moving head light fixtures, it is said this show could be seen from space.




     Skullmapping’s Le Petit Chef: Imagine a restaurant where you can be entertained by the world’s smallest chef while you wait for your food to be prepared.


     The Tourist movie: Projection mapping is a great way to capture your audience’s attention and advertise in the middle of a city


     Speed of Light aka The World’s Tiniest Police Chase: Not only is this entertaining, but how awesome would this be in a waiting room? Goodbye boring magazines and hello high-speed police chase.


     “Ink Mapping”: Projection mapping on human bodies is a great way to advertise artists work or see a virtual tattoo on your body before making it permanent.


     Projection Mapped Makeup: Along with cool designs, many believe projection mapping for makeup may be the future of theatre- actors will never have to leave in between acts to change their makeup.


     Sydney Opera House: This one speaks for itself. Let us know what you think!


     Insane Movie ExperienceInsane Movie Experience: You’ll never watch a movie or play video games the same way again with this type of mapped projection.


    “As Above So Below” Manhattan: Bringing even more life to the city that never sleeps.


    Do you know of any other mapped projections that you think are fantasitc, then drop us a line, we LOVE seeing this stuff!



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