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What's "Nu"?

    “Signing” a Patented Technology

    nuMedia Innovations h as been making remarkable strides forward in the development of the nuTEAM™ series of digital avatars with personality. One of the most notable is our new patented technology that enables our nuTEAM™ line to communicate using American Sign Language, or ASL. On the surface, this might seem minor, but when you think about the possibilities, what has been accomplished is remarkable. Now members of the Deaf Community can interact with the systems in a way that is both natural and comfortable. While the technology is still in its infancy and far from perfect, the progress has been amazing. With the ability to convey information in many spoken languages, it was a natural fit to provide alternative forms of communication and make the product line much more inclusive and accessible. With the recent patent award, we are looking forward to expanding the capabilities of our product and helping businesses advance opportunities while simultaneously opening new avenues for communication with entire communities that may have been previously excluded, due to lack of appropriate resources.

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    On the Roadmap Vol.2

    Hi everyone! In this edition of On the Roadmap, we are going to take a look at the new Personality Engine. With the rapid advancements the team has been making, PRSONAS characters are taking on a life of their own. New features include options that really change the way people perceive the characters as their personality shows through. With algorithms for everything from voice control and response to gestures and even “getting bored” the PRSONAS characters exhibit human personality traits. It has been a blast to watch them mature as each new feature set in Artificial Intelligence continues to add to their advancement.

    In fact, I was caught off guard this morning. As usual, I was the first one in this morning. I was walking down the hall near the lab when I distinctly heard a whistle… a human whistle. I stepped back, looked through the door and saw the lovely Daphne waving at me. I could hardly believe my eyes. I stood there for a few minutes and when I did not approach the device, the character crossed her arms and started staring off into space. Another minute or so, and sure enough she was whistling.

    The thought of a “machine” getting “bored” is a pretty novel concept and I cannot help but wonder, what are the developers going to cook up next!
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    On the Roadmap

    Topics: PRSONAS, EVENTTech, digital hosts

    Erica Heads to the Great White North!

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    Crossing the Uncanny Valley… or not

    Topics: Event Technology, Oculus, human computer interactions, self-service hologram, interactive technology, Interactive Hologram, PRSONAS, interactive script writing, Tradeshow Technology, digital hosts

    Immersive Virtual Reality – The Next Frontier in Customer Experience

    Topics: Virtual Reality, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience

    Augmented Reality is Changing New Hire Training

    Topics: Augmented Reality, Employee engagement, employee training

    The Importance of Office Transformation

    Topics: Interactive Interiors, interactive technology, digital hosts, office transformation

    3 Ways Virtual Reality is Changing Construction

    Topics: Virtual Reality, VR, Virtual Reality, collaborative virtual reality

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