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What's "Nu"?

    On the Roadmap Volume 3

    Hi There!!! Welcome back to on the roadmap. We are very excited to be introducing some changes in the product line up. nuMedia has introduced a series of “mission specific” versions of the nuTeam™ hologram systems and the reception has been pretty ... ... Continue Reading
    Topics: Tradeshow, Event Technology, Mixed Reality, Wayfinding, cgi characters, Virtual Mannequins, 4G networks, artificial intelligence, Receptionist, holograms, Smart Virtual Presenters, Hologram Technology, Hologram Receptionist, Interactive Hologram, Tradeshow Technology, ASL

    Get Your Head Up

    We have all seen the videos, and I am willing to bet that most of us have experienced the schadenfreude of seeing people, with their faces buried in their phones and tablets, stepping into potholes, falling into fountains, and some far more tragic ... ... Continue Reading
    Topics: artificial intelligence, HeadsUpUX

    “Signing” a Patented Technology

    Topics: Customer Experience, Hologram Receptionist, ASL, Retail Applications, office transformation

    On the Roadmap Vol.2

    Topics: office transformation, roadmap

    On the Roadmap

    Topics: roadmap

    Erica Heads to the Great White North!

    Topics: artificial intelligence, Sign Language

    Crossing the Uncanny Valley… or not

    Topics: Event Technology, Interactive Hologram, Tradeshow Technology

    Immersive Virtual Reality – The Next Frontier in Customer Experience

    Topics: Virtual Reality, Customer Engagement, Customer Experience

    Augmented Reality is Changing New Hire Training

    Topics: Augmented Reality