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What's "Nu"?

    PRSONAS Rocks IMPACT Optimize 2019!

    On August 8th, 2019, over 1000 attendees gathered at Navy Pier in downtown Chicago for Impact Optimize 2019, a one-day summit dedicated to changing the way we think about business in the digital age. And what better way to high light this digital ... ... Continue Reading
    Topics: artificial intelligence, Interactive Hologram, Tradeshow Technology, Embodied AI

    On the Roadmap, Volume 5

    Talk about an amazing week! With a ton of new developments in the works for the platform that we will talk about in upcoming blogs, there is some fantastic “non-roadmap” news to share! nuMedia Innovations has recently acquired the assets of PRSONAS! ... ... Continue Reading
    Topics: Virtual Mannequins, artificial intelligence, Smart Virtual Presenters, Interactive Hologram, Embodied AI

    On the Road Map, Volume 4: nuZHolo™

    Topics: Hologram, self-service holograms, convention, Event Marketing, Trade Shows, roadmap

    On the Roadmap Volume 3

    Topics: Tradeshow, Event Technology, Mixed Reality, Wayfinding, cgi characters, Virtual Mannequins, 4G networks, artificial intelligence, Receptionist, holograms, Smart Virtual Presenters, Hologram Technology, Hologram Receptionist, Interactive Hologram, Tradeshow Technology, ASL

    Get Your Head Up

    Topics: artificial intelligence, HeadsUpUX

    “Signing” a Patented Technology

    Topics: Customer Experience, Hologram Receptionist, ASL, Retail Applications, office transformation

    On the Roadmap Vol.2

    Topics: office transformation, roadmap

    On the Roadmap

    Topics: roadmap

    Erica Heads to the Great White North!

    Topics: artificial intelligence, Sign Language